Kabuki~ Poetry~ and Smooth Sax

As promised on the posters and postings, Sunday Jan. 9th at Kari’s Kantina del Mar, my little seaside bolero dance spot, we tried a nice mix of SL live artistic entertainment in the form of Kabuki theater, stream -weaving poetry and good smooth sax. Adam Luponox was the welcoming host for this two -hour event of live talent and the sim began to fill up quickly.

photo by Missy Rothmanay

"The Garden" performed by Mojo and Luckymoon Manamiko

Mojo and Luckymoon Manamiko delighted the audience with their presentation of “The Garden” a Kabuki-styled original play, performed on a beautifully decorated stage with scene changes between acts and a touchingly written narration accompanied by the sounds of sweet Oriental strings on the music stream.

My SL sister Maria Vought and well-known artistic otter Scottius Polke

The audience applauded enthusiastically between acts. The actors costumed in traditional robes moved, danced and pantomimed the storyline for the enjoyment of all.

Luckymoon and Mojo Manamiko performing

The audience was mesmerized as the play moved into the last act

The finale was a moving and brilliant fireworks display that miraculously worked perfectly, defying lag and many script -heavy patrons  that filled up the seating to capacity.

All applauded delightedly when the finale burst into a light show

After the applause died down we  moved up the stairs to the bolero bar, where I leaped up on the small balcony stage and began to read on stream with my chosen music to a capacity crowd of 46 avatars at the peak. From my end it was wonderful and from what I could read in chat, it seemed the audience also agreed. I will include a few pictures from this part of the event and also a sound clip of a live reading of one of the poems. The waves crashed below… the night was full-mooned and magic was in the air.

Karima on stage at Kari's Kantina de Mar

I put up images on a screen behind me for each poem so that the audience could get a visual as well as an audio feeling of my words. As some of the poems were inspired by paintings, I feel this helped to create a more immersive experience for all present.

Karima in close-up.. the tide coming in

Karima reciting "See Frog Run" to Fiona Leitner's painting "The Grinner"

My little “Aussie Cheering Squad” found a table close to the stage and snapped most of the pictures I have now put up here. Missy Rothmanay, Sanne Brune and Stress Blister are much more than fans to me, they have become family and they loyally appear at almost every reading I have done. Sometimes they get up earlier than the birds down-under to catch a show.

Karima reciting "See Frog Run" ~photo by Missy Rothmanay

This incredible painting by Fiona Leitner, “The Grinner” is what inspired my poem, which from start to finish is similar to a marathon run. Her paintings  are up now and will be  at a special exhibition at Pirats SAS Art Gallery until Saturday, January 22. It’s a great show and I recommend it highly. Also if you would like to visit her whole collection, it can be found at “Fiona Leitner Showroom”

Karima reciting "Curve" inspired by the painting "Curve" by Chrome Underwood

Another artist at the show at Pirats is Chrome Underwood, whose art just keeps on inspiring my poetry. This painting “Curve”, one of his older works, set my poetic muse on fire like a car crash. I will share now the poem “Curve” recited live at the event and hope you will click on it in a separate tab and enjoy listening. You can see the full painting and words to this poem in my post entitled “Curve”

\”Curve\” performed by Karima Hoisan Live 1-9-11

"The years go by like a shooting star" Karima Hoisan

I finished up my part of the evening  with a poem recited in “Spanglish” written first in Spanish entitled “Estrella Fugaz” in English “Shooting Star. I chose to dance this one to the music of the “Gipsy Kings” and dedicated the poem to the very talented Seba Sideways who, as soon as I turned over the stream began to play his saxophone to dreamy backtracks. Many got up to dance and the night ended with slow love songs,  some smooth reggae, and the sweet sounds of this gifted Argentine musician who never stops playing in RL or Sl. He is a professional and a great guy too. I hope to repeat another show next month at Kari’s Kantina del Mar so stay tuned to when that might be.

Dancing to the sultry sounds of a smooth sax~ a perfect ending

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6 Responses to Kabuki~ Poetry~ and Smooth Sax

  1. Maria Vought says:

    It was a magical evening and the mix of artists was inspired. As always your mix of poetry, music and pictures held us all spellbound – you are amazing!


    • Thank you sis for coming and for your comments about the event. Your loving support is and has been so important to me in my public readings and in my SL life in general..Big hugs to you,


  2. Scottius says:

    What a wonderful time it was…everything from the play to the music to the poetry (of course) was excellent! Look forward to the next one…


    • Ohh my talented little otter friend, how I love to see you “way down below stage” at my performances *smiles.. Hope you make it to the next one. Thank you for your friendship and your “fanship” too
      big hugs,


  3. (sighs….) wish I coulda been there. Vanilla raved about it tho, and then, lo and behold… a portion of it magically appears on audio. thanks, Karima. 🙂


    • You were missed Chrome but glad you got to hear the clip. I still have a few more to read, inspired by you and am looking forward to doing them publicly. Keep creating your art and I have no doubt I will keep getting poetically moved to write new poems to it.


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