"...some swept away, some carried down the drainpipe..."

” Drain”
inspired by the painting FL-Art-(10×6.25)-016 panel by Fiona Leitner

music: “Fields of Coral” ~Vangelis
\”Fields of Coral\”~ Vangelis
(please open music link in another tab to enjoy while reading the poem)

Dripping doubts in splashes fall to gutter littered streams,
some swept away, some carried down the drainpipe.
Doors and windows chalk- marked on the boards of homeless dreams
shaded shadow -pipes now clogged, metallic grease fed tripe.

Chaos paints no patterns while breaking everything below,
the steam -release, a holiday for frigid huddle squatters.
Murder, lies and blood still seeps, red droplets mixed aglow
all gets trapped obsessed inside a thought flow undertow,
and sly envy is the beggar watching others eat inside a warm cafe.

the urban skyline floating in a purple fog naked and unclad,
while order is a cold wrought iron fence trying to hold it in.
Down in the bowels, stained train benches await the weary and the mad
churning under street signs, garbaged walls, cold- stoned graffiti bins.

Walking late at night is like a nightmare. It yanks you out the door.
Everything is ominous, kindness retreats in faded vapor threats.
Always underneath, the bubbling of conspiracy, a gurgling form its’ core,
slick tongues massage the ear, while a dagger slips in dry and comes out wet .
Nothing is as it was before the drain caved in and opened, freeing a dangerous suspect.

Wandering doubts, are plastered into building bricks of direful foundations.
Locked and keyed, never to see the light of surface, hazed in thickening mist,
They build a fortress to protect the city and its decaying system of filtration,
All that slips into the drain, stays on the bottom, thought of never more…
and never missed.

Karima Hoisan
Jan. 12,2011
Virtual Gallery, Linc Island SL
©2011 Karima Hoisan all rights reserved

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3 Responses to “Drain”

  1. “Drain” is now the second poem inspired by one of Fiona Leitner’s beautiful mysterious abstracts. She is a very prolific and versatile artist and I do recommend visiting her Showroom to see many more of her fine digital paintings.
    They can be found at “Fiona Leitner Showroom”


  2. Bellaluna says:

    Karima I love how the art forms of others inspire you to create such amazing work too! This poem is penetrating. Well done, my friend! I can’t wait to hear you perform it live. 🙂


    • Thank you Bellaluna for your comment. Yes I am excited about performing it too…probably at my next event. I think the music of Vangelis helps to give it an even more mysterious touch. Fiona told be that actually this painting is of a bass guitar. I think I just have an over-active imagination *smiles


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