“On The Rocks At Coca Falls”

"...The pounding of the falls rings in our ears..."

“On The Rocks At Coca Falls”
for Littleone Aries the artist
inspired by the painting of the same name
music: Dancing Shadows..Armik \”Dancing Shadows~ Armik
(please open music link in a new tab to enjoy listening while you read the poem)

When sunset sits over the farthest waves,
And chickens one by one climb to their tree,
The air drops to a cooling breeze and lays
Upon the afternoon smell of the sea.

The livestock fed, the gates now shut and locked,
And we with pails and shovels breathe a sigh,
For calling to us from the crimson rock
Is our relief in streaming soothing tides.

We make our way to wet and glassy pools,
The pounding of the falls rings in our ears,
And we rejoice removed now from our tools
Our labors seem as far away as years.

Ideas come so quickly with no thought,
We make up games and lose to them and laugh,
Some droplets in a spider’s web are caught
We contemplate its colors in our bath.

Under the falls we can be young again
Our sweat and heaviness gone from our day
We smile and watch the sun as it descends
revived and cleansed, our toils now rinsed away.

Karima Hoisan
Dec. 18, 2010
Born Museum of Fine Arts SL

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1 Response to “On The Rocks At Coca Falls”

  1. Littleone Arias is a very well-known and well loved artist in Second Life and in Real Life. Her paintings are both sensual, tropical, and mystical and this one “Coca Falls” took me back to the early days of my life on a cattle ranch in Costa Rica.
    I will include some links to see more of her works and I highly recommend visiting her web pages or catching her numerous exhibitions in SL.
    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Studio%20Genre/103/244/23 her Second Life gallery
    http://www.monicalinville.com (for large format original paintings and workshop information)
    http://www.monicalinville.blogspot.com (daily musings from the mountain)
    http://www. creativepaintingworkshops.net (2011 painting workshop schedule)
    http://fineartamerica.com/ profiles/monica-linville.html (for fine art reproductions of my paintings)


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