Two Sonnets From My Heart

Death Of A Poet

"...a blackened shell that fell into the sand.."

Dedicated to pshea
(please open music link in a new tab to listen while you read the sonnets) Mysteries of Love~Julie Cruise

I waste no more my breath reviving thee.
Our slate is clean, no one remains in debt.
This poet left, your new identity,
another, he’ll not love to my regret.
Am I the stubborn student of your past,
admiring subtle genius, you possess?
Inspired by words, reviews that ever last,
I flew myself on winds of your caress.
But now I hold some ashes in my hand.
You tell me this is all that’s left of you,
a blackened shell that fell into the sand,
and lies among so many out of view.

Oh walking on the shoreline of your sea,
I clutch it to my chest, in memory.
Karima Hoisan
©2007 all rights reserved

The Prize


"Oh! May I be that flower in your heart"

The Prize
for Hoyt Heron

If for a life bright shown there is a prize,
To open with great care the satin strings,
And gaze upon the bounty with your eyes,
I long to be this prize reward will bring.
A flower rained in petals from above,
Perfuming air with magic from the start,
The world now filled with laughter, sighs and love,
Oh! May I be that flower in your heart.
‘Twas not by accident our time to meet,
The moment chosen for us face to face
Life’s bonus given freely, is the treat
To lives well lived, and may that be our case.

We open up each other day by day,
So thankful for this gift that came our way.

Karima Hoisan
©2007 all rights reserved

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