Karima Hoisan & Tukso Okey Thursday Feb. 3rd 7pmslt


"Don't Miss This Great Show" (poster by MenuBar)

No Compromise
for Tukso Okey

No compromise..
shut them down, the whispering tongues
just stay tight
you’re right
no compromise tonight or any other night
Because, can you make black eyes blue?
gloves into shoes?
rams into ewes?
You paid all your dues
Now do it your way
because your way brings
dancing moths to a benevolent flame
sensual hips  that move unashamed
sparking hot connections..
and you know you’re to blame.
Let your  guitar wail and your voice go raw
Sing the words back  that they throw like flowers on your stage
make everyone feel young and dream
no matter health or age..
You have the gift  my brother
don’t ever change
Don’t water it down
keep it thick and hot
make hearts pump in throats and loins
Don’t stop. Never stop!
No compromise.

Karima Hoisan
May 7th 2010
Inspired by an impromptu song of Tukso’s
“Leave Me Alone” at The Greenhouse

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