“Oriental Tango”

“her hair… oh her hair waves in tangled rhyme…”

Oriental Tango

music: “Katyia’s Dance”~Suzanne Teng  Katyia\’s Dance~Suzanne Teng
(please open music link in a new tab to enjoy while reading the poem)

Hips mark the rhythm
Ankle bells chime in time
Her hands float and dance
Her hair… oh her hair waves in tangled rhyme.
Her dance, it’s just for you
Private undulations and gyrations
Her deepest darkest secrets on display
With every subtle look from almond eyes
She tells you,
“Only you will be allowed to go backstage.”
Oriental Tango in cello’s haunting choir
Each movement, a moan that she’s alone
Her fingers twist her essence ..all is fire
Her fluid grace, silk’s satin lace
Weaves her image into your desire.

Karima Hosian
Aug. 2009

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4 Responses to “Oriental Tango”

  1. Hoyt Heron says:

    No one can transport you to a scene with the descriptive ferver that Karima possesses. Her ringing lyrical prose, descriptive words and phrases, and most of all her miraculous knowledge of the human soul is unparalleled!


  2. Oh Hoyt thank you for your very glowing comment but I think you may be a bit prejudiced *winks at him. This music by Suzanne Teng should really take the credit for drawing these words out of me, one day while I was dancing to it.
    Thank you again for always inspiring me to improve and even take chances in my poetry.


  3. Chrome says:

    I’m afraid I must side with Hoyt on this one, Karima.. you express what is missing from so much of today’s literature – the simple power of passion and beauty in their most elemental forms – directly and unapologetically. No one else I’ve come across does it so well. Sorry; two to one, you’re outnumbered on this one. 🙂


    • Oh sighs..how hard it is to bow under such criticism!! Thank you Chrome for your words and they serve to inspire me to keep on writing..Well I do feel a great passion for Life and our fellow living..I am glad it sometimes can be translated in my simple, sort of straight-forward verse.
      Thank you for leaving this positive comment


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