“The Over Run”

Art inspires Art inspires Art… It’s one of the most beautiful, exciting and creative  details of our virtual world. Every day we are privileged to see the end products of so many collaborative projects between artists of all kinds. Musicians team up with poets, visual artists inspire song writers and poets sometimes inspire the artists…the combinations are as endless as our imaginations, but here in Second Life we are blessed with so many artists and creative people, all willing to share and work together to bring really amazing results. Every one wins in these Art for Art’s sake projects.
When I was putting my book together, I asked Chrome Underwood, one of the best digital artist in our world, if he thought he could create an image for my poem “Galloping Horses” Well he created ” War Paint” a powerful vision of his own (please see my comment below)
that literally made my poem gallop off the page.

"War Paint" by Chrome Underwood for "Galloping Horses"

I was mesmerized sitting in front of his painting in my Sculpture garden, for a few days, after he sent it to me. Yes it made my poem come to life and yet I felt another poem beating with the hoof-beats..a darker one, of apocalyptic proportions, and I am not usually one to write poetry on such themes, but it broke every fence I put up in argument until it was born free as it wished to be.

"...I hear their drumming hooves on the down strum..."

“The Over Run”
for Chrome Underwood
inspired by the painting “War Paint” by Chrome Underwood
(please open this link in a new tab to hear me recite this poem to ‘The Future” by Leonard Cohen)
The Over Run  Karima Hoisan ~ “The Future” ~Leonard Cohen

Oh my God It’s over!
I hear their drumming hooves on the down strum,
tearing up the scales like clods of sod,
galloping down my spine.
making pictures that are not mine.

I feel the heat of their desperate message,
their terror and escape…terror and maybe no escape.
Humanity was but a very broken necked scarecrow,
the keeper of the deteriorating  castle full of  senseless rags,
the stuffing on fire from the sparks of hooves,
as they throw off their shoes.
It’s now reduced to an effigy,
uselessly flapping in the cyclone of their  churning,
the left overs of humanity.

There is no Master of this land,
there is only running away.
There is no backwards, no future, all clocks have stopped ticking.
At the end of the day there will be no today.
The future is like a  shrouded cliff before them….

By a Greater Will the proclamation rings out herding them
“Leap! Leap! Leap!..or you will die”
If you value this existence that grounds you to the surface then
Run! Run! Run!
All must be trampled down by those runaway angels.
Leave borders, leave home,  exploding hearth fires, mothers, families, sickness and economies.
What power against this million horse -powered surge,
like lightening riding a flooded river…currents afire… electrified!
What is written to be dry will never end as mud.
What is written here to die, will fall down under the roar of their pummeling battering anvils…
hooved -hammers beating the earth into submission.

The flames now stretch and shout  reaching out for their tangled manes….
It’s going to go Bang! Oh my God  It’s going to go Bang!
Clumps of grassy matter, brain matter thrown high in the air,
now nothing matters.
No place safe to weep or pray or grind your teeth,
the building blocks are falling down.
Put your finger in the dike and watch..
you’ll be the first to get sucked in,
then nothing left… scatological ghost town.
It’s the powerless time..no acting allowed..
stand on the side lines with your wide open mouths…
Have you ever seen an ending like this one?
Well…. you’ll  never live to see this one!

Karima Hoisan
Nov.4, 2010
Misty Shores Renacer SL

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2 Responses to “The Over Run”

  1. In Chrome’s very fun and entertaining blog, he posts about the making of this painting and my poem that inspired it. I recommend visiting his page not only for this article, but so many more posts all captivating and so indicative of the wonders of the Metaverse as he refers to it. http://www.chromeneversleeps.com/?p=1984
    “The Over Run” was born from the images he created for “Galloping Horses” which was about the end of a love affair. When Chrome painted the image for my book, he had no idea it was about this subject. His horses were so much more than my first poem hinted at, and I immediately knew I had to write a new one breaking even my own boundaries as I am not a spokesperson for the “End of Days” or the Mayan Prophecies. To be honest, the words that flew out from his images were frightening and unknown to me. I have yet to perform this one in public.


  2. It still amazes me that the forest fire started by your initial spark of inspiration continues to burn… and appears to rage on at its own pace, unhindered by our mere mortal ponderings. There does seem to be a larger spiritual vision unfolding here, though, and a fascinating one to witness. When paintings and poems arrive with such sound and fury that even the artists are surprised, one might begin to wonder whether they come from some higher plane, with perhaps a larger message. Just sayin’…


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