The Best Kept Secret of SL (just a teaser)

I know I haven’t posted in a few days but I am working on something BIG so it might be a few more days and even I am not sure what direction it will all take.. I will only hint a little here to hopefully whet your appetites for the full disclosure.. No, it’s not about scandal or skeletons in the Linden’s closets, it is about getting off my little “piece of paradise” my own sim and discovering a world that even after three years here, I did not know existed.
I will show you two pictures and let you allow your imaginations to roll in  whatever direction they want to. I am a great believer in letting imaginations like wild horses, run free. So have fun with these hints and then I include one of my poems “Sim Hopping” as a sort of theme song to shaking the lead out and exploring new places in SL. So the teaser is this:
What do both these pictures have in common?

"The Fortune was a little unsettling"

"Fill her up with LOL please-Unleaded"

My Poem “Sim Hopping” Music “Jockey Full Of Bourbon” by Tom Waits(please open the music link in a new tab to listen to while reading the poem)
\” Jockey Full Of Bourbon\” ~Tom Waits

“Sim Hopping”

Sim hopping and the skies are clear,
sending you a tp so just wait right here.
I know a place I saw in Destination Guide,
has these awesome textures ‘n you can row hike and ride

Sheep go “baaa” and there’s trails I hear
winding round the misty cliffs,
opening a bed and breakfast next year
and put boats out that you can sail and go adrift.

I’m just getting the itch to get off our piece of paradise,
maybe ride that Jabberwocky  we did last year
that was  nice…
We can gallop the horse trails, stop at that bar on top, hold hands and look into each others eyes, non- stop.

Sexy hot salsa balls on a private white
sandy beach cove,
at night they have the best live entertainment
we might catch a light show dancer  I’m told.
Little dolphins  jumping out of the sea,
we can go barefooted and  cut-off  jeans
No problem, just remember to tip the venues please,
and we don’t eat, so no menus just two black coffees.

If you like the wilderness baby I know a sim we can get lost a week,
there is an exciting avalanche  on top and the woods sing with rivers and creatures crawl and creep,
esoteric islands that never advertise but you can lay down in the moss and mist and hear this music
ohh and close your eyes,
and we can Just Dance the night away.

Planets are a swirling & twirling at the landing point where we meet,
the “Tai Chi-ers” are gracefully combatant  to a hypnotic World Music beat.
Just wait  to rezz as traffic is high and the lag is slowing us down  to lead,
but it’s worth it  just so you know , this planet is exactly  what it’s like to be dead.

Sim wind blowing in my hair,
It makes my curls fly out towards the west,
while we strap in on a simulator ride and
go to Mars on our very next quest.
Diving bell makes us both go “Wow!”
I like the octopus, he’s a one of a kind.
I look back at you and hold out my hand
and no matter where we go I know you’re mine.

I’m just getting the itch to get off our piece of paradise,
maybe ride that Jabberwocky we did last year,
that was  nice…
We can gallop the horse trails stop at that bar on top,
hold hands and look into each others eyes, non stop.

Karima Hoisan
Misty Shores Renacer SL

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