“Happy Valentine’s Day” (Train Saga telegram #3)

I Believe in Love

Happy Valentine’s Day from Beautiful & Remote Bedstraw SL

“I’m on the remote rails but thinking of you
Nights I wish I had your arms around me
You know I’ll be back when it’s time to come home
I tossed you some diamonds like breadcrumbs to find me”
a bee

trapped in a cup
stuck to the honeyed floor
that’s me in the sweetness of love
so many soul-mates
invaded her soul,
washed in
with the morning tide
or appeared on her dock
bathed in crickets and moonlight.
They rained on her picnic
soft petals of sunshine
or whispered in letters
while she danced with another.
They bound her in silk straps
and rode her to glory
or sat at her feet while
she wrote their next chapter
waltzed her
in tears
boleros and tangos
tickled her silly
until she  begged them to
“Stop it!!”

So many soul-mates
invaded her soul
leaving chamber doors open
to come back and remember
stretching the inside
so she could welcome the others,
all promised to her, as she too was
all connected by threads
though unseen sewed together.

So many soul-mates invaded her soul….

Karima Hoisan
Sept.10, 2009
Misty Shores Linc Island SL

For All my soul-mates I have found
on Life’s Railway
I am sending you my love
On this Valentine’s Day

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8 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day” (Train Saga telegram #3)

  1. Menubar says:

    So sweet. Happy Valentines Day to you too Karima! 🙂


  2. tita maertens says:

    Your words soothes my soul. Thank you amiga.


  3. suzanne333777 says:

    Beautiful sis! Thank you for sharing:):)


  4. You have a big heart Karima. Hope your V Day was pickled in love.

    I love the line about bee in a tea cup stuck to a honey floor ..what a way to go 🙂


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