“Bad Luck In Tenera” (Train Saga poem #2)

“Bad Luck In Tenera”(Train Saga poem#2)

"...She climbed North through Webworm and Lutra..."

She breathed a sigh as the day grew brighter and her fears and nightmares were suddenly over,
Bees buzzed in their flowers, and in the air she inhaled the aroma of field after field of sweet clover.
The bomb blasts, now a thing of the past, she climbed North through Webworm and Lutra  to towns up high.
As she reached Crumbi Junction, the country rails were like freedom, eyes stung with emotion, liberation’s breeze made her sigh.

"...She was looking up towards Tenera..."

She was  looking up towards Tenera and saw the Metal Man gigantic against the afternoon sky,
But she forget about dangers coming from above, and the psychotic surprises of  her grungy home- town sci-fi.
A robotic sculpted reminder of aerial blitzes from aliens and things large, raging many an attack,
Because the hypnotic melody, almost made her nod to sleep played by the wheels in a repeating clickety -clack.

",,,As it started to get dark, she wished she could lay down for a rest..."

As it started to get dark, she wished she could lay down for a rest, her locomotive was not good for sleeping,
And her impromptu siesta underneath the watchful eyes of the Tin Man of Tenera did not make her feel in safe keeping
But she knew it might be key to find a patch in the grass and allow herself an hour to drift into dreams.
And when she awoke to find the track empty,  her train vanished  into the night air
she learned the hard way, nothing along the rails is what it seems.

"... her train vanished into the night air..."

"...,nothing along the rails is what it seems...."

She ran down the track, no idea where she was going, chasing a train stolen when deep sleep overtook her.
That train was her ticket to somewhere much better, and this thought pushed her to look for a life saving transfer
The humid air mixed with cool night formed a cloud all around her, legs raced on automatic, her brain stoked the fire inside,
Exhausted she stopped at a beach park of hammocks, chose one by the palm trees and laid her head down, then she cried and she cried.

"She ran down the track, no idea where she was going..."

"... laid down her head and she cried and she cried."

But something.. an idea, as if  hope at last tapped her , holding her tight while she rocked in her tears,
She would find other transport but the key was to stay moving, she would sleep only the minimal and conquer her fears.

"She sat herself upright and looked into the moonlight..."

She sat herself upright  and looked into  the moonlight, her mind was made-up like  there’d be no turning back,
And then right in front like a miracle, like a gift with her name, sat a hand-powered pump car all alone on the track.

"...sat a hand-powered pump car all alone on the track."

Karima Hoisan
Misty Shores Linc Island SL
©2011 all rights reserved

and on to parts yet unknown

To be continued…

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4 Responses to “Bad Luck In Tenera” (Train Saga poem #2)

  1. Scottius says:

    Don’t let menacing metal mega-men make you morose! Keep on truckin!


  2. Oh Scottius..thank you for your concern but I am long gone from Tenera and following your advice am rolling (not trucking:) along….


  3. Here is a slurl to get to the Tenera Station. All stations along the track give you rezz permission to put down your train, so….. what are you waiting for? Today is a beautiful day to ride the rails.


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