Wired and Happy

"Upload Complete! You Alien Freaks! Now let me GO! GO! GO! GO!

I invite you to click the music tab that very much sets the pace for this wired poem

Wired and Happy

Inspired by the drawing of the same name~ Artist~  Sigfred Rodenberger

I gotta Bluetooth in my Third Eye
sending me secret files from Mars-
Upload Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!

Hooking Up to World Sat Com.
so my fingertips can drop those bombs
I’m a wired drone coming to your neighborhood soon-
I have the universe in my cortex,
I’m a werewolf’s metaversed full moon

and I’m howling too.

I got 5 beats going a.t.m.-euro tecno- tecno ecno –
ethno chill -groove and discoverable-

From tip to toes I’m wired to capture every nuance of my dance.
I can play it back when I close my eyes
boogey with myself ‘n be my own romance
I’m wired and happy about it-
You getting it? I’m wired and happy about it!

My Bluetooth is beeping, so just excuse me
I have 24 encrypted files that are downloading you see-
Shaking  my cardiac arrest for all it’s worth-
Makes me go….
Makes me go….
So wired and whack and I don’t look back!!!
Download Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
GO! GO ! GO!

Don’t like Shumans, Klingons, I don’t like Shrek-
Just make my own space fly… night ‘n day
Don’t need no Star Trek-

For fun I watch a black hole swallow your  mother
Don’t come with those psycho interventions
You disconnected- lazy- analog- slugger!

I’m processing 15 YouTubes while I dance in this Geeked -Out- Club!
My kind of peeps, androids posing as bouncers and thugs
I’m editing, splicing, and drooling and that’s the way I like it!
Wired and happy about it
I said I’m wired and happy about it!

I just copied 16 thousand frames and never lost the beat.
I’m dropping the lot in your Dropbox and re-logging
just to get back my speed-

I got 10 songs going ’round and ’round
My tongue is numb so I roll it up and hum along
Conversion Complete! You Alien Freaks!! Now let me Go!
I’m wired and happy about it..
I said  I’m wired and happy about it!

Karima Hoisan
March 30, 2011
Virtual Art Gallery Linc Island SL
© 2011 all rights reserved

*please see my comment below

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6 Responses to Wired and Happy

  1. OK..I know..this is pretty out there, but when I went to the Criss Museum to see Sigfred Rodenberger’s show, I was repulsed and fascinated at the same time by this drawing. I put it up in my gallery, where I didn’t really look at it again until today. All of a sudden crazy images, and words came flying out of it and spilled all over my paper..I am not sure I picked them all up * smiles, but hope you can make some sense and just feel a bit crazy too. I really do invite you if you read it cold without the music track first time, to take a chance and click on the music tab and read it again…or just dance to it:) Enjoy!!
    slurl for Sigfred’s show at The Criss on now:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alajuela/221/180/3607
    Sigfred is giving an art talk 3/31/2011 at 7pmslt http://thealistsl.blogspot.com/2011/03/criss-sigfred-rodenberger.html


  2. Menubar says:

    Great one, Karima! I love the Ferenghi pronunciation of the word “Shuman”. Great music to accompany it too!


    • Thanks Menubar, so glad you liked it..this wired dude might pronounce like a Ferenghi but he will have to do some heavy teeth-filing to look like one! *laughing here..The music makes it even crazier I think:)


  3. Torben Mølgaard-Andersen says:

    Hi Karima…this is Sigfred. I’m so glad the drawing inspired this great poem. I’m not an expert in poetry, but this raw energy I feel when I read it, this rhythm and those pictures you make in ones head is amazing. You write as I draw. And you have captured the essence of the drawing and you add new things, expand it. It’s great with the music, but even greater when you just shout the poem out. You know words. Thx:)


    • Sigfred, how nice to meet you here in a comment *smiles warmly:) Well your drawing brought out a poem which, believe me, I have never written anything similar to before. Just that fact alone makes me cherish this crazy drawing even more. To know you not only approve of my raw energy born from your own, that you actually like it, and feel it adds to and expands your art in even more ways you didn’t expect, makes me so very happy that I went with my instincts and let it roll out. Your whole show is amazing really, something very different for me, and I am proud to have this piece now in my own collection. I look forward to meeting you in person tonight at your art talk and thank you so much for this comment. The approval of the artist is always the most important part of writing poetry to an art piece. I am honored that you enjoyed what was born from your own talents.
      peace, Karima


  4. Hoyt Heron says:

    You did again! If one were going to describe the feeling of being wired, this would be it. Many now live in this world that you described so well.


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