Juliee and the Pigeon

"Pretty Juliee with the sky bright heavy- laden eyes"

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Juliee and the Pigeon

Inspired by the painting of the same name~ artist Van Caerndow

I  was shopping for a poem and saw your pouting lips,
Pretty Juliee with the sky bright heavy -laden eyes,
Hair of corn-silk threads spun into candied golden snips,
A carnival of light floods in the room with just your sighs.

What fills your mind, standing at attention, the parade?
Those funny clowns and garish scenes that gesture from the street,
Marching like hollow phantoms the unloved, misplaced and frayed
Do you think you’ll be one more of them, that float below your feet?

Hiding all those fears behind your mask of skin, soft alabaster lighting,
You can not look into your neighbor’s poisoned eyes, across the way,
For that pigeon who flew through the grating, holds a note in his handwriting,
As you free it from its foot it coos, “Juliee Juliee where go your thoughts today?”

Stoic as you read his words, and no matter how straight you stand,
Truth is, you are but another losing lover on her way down to bending,
Because if you were dealt once more a losing-lover’s failed hand,
All you can do is accept this tiny note, as his chosen preferred ending.

I watch your tears begin to dry, after your frozen, wide-eyed cry,
Did the message rolled inside the cylinder make your heart fall in?
Did he cut it right in two, with,”I’m so sorry pretty Juliee but I must say goodbye,
May Time heal the wrong I’ve done to you, and please forgive my sin?”

I want to call to you from the open store door where I stand not far,
Yelling out ” Juliee Juliee why don’t you bring that pigeon inside your room?”
And make him stay awhile behind your self- built cage of prison bars,
Then let me take you by your shattered wing and fly you from this gloom.

Karima Hoisan
March 29, 2011
Virtual Art Gallery Linc Island SL
© 2011 all rights reserved

*please see my comment below

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11 Responses to Juliee and the Pigeon

  1. I went to PIRats today to see a new showing. Like the first line of this poem, I went to see if any paintings called to me to be a poem. After circling ’round twice, I came back to Juliee who seemed to be telling me she wanted her story to be known *smiles
    Van Caerndow is an RL painter and SL photographer. His show at PIRats can be found here:


  2. Dzin says:

    I read every single line of your poetry… and your words always evoke emotion; the ‘epitome’ of what a soul infused Poet seeks to achieve. And you succeed, Beautiful, in every way to lure us readers into a blind empathy for your subjects that makes us more thoughtful, more humane, more conscious. Thanks once again for shaking up our world(s)… smiles.


    • Diz, thank you for being such a wonderful support for my brand of poetry since the very beginning..I guess to say you know a poet is to understand his/her poetry, because that is the key..You are my beloved sister because you really do that and that is a very special bond indeed. Thank you for this beautiful comment. It makes me want to write and write..more:)


  3. Menubar says:

    Amazing, Karima – you’re a true poet. And always inspired by great Second Life artists!


    • Aww Menubar..thank you for your very positive feedback on this poem. I am so glad you liked this sort of Frenchly romantic little poetic vignette:) You too inspire my craft and have gotten it to many more than I ever could, just by your talent as a video maker:)


  4. Hoyt Heron says:

    The music and words go together so well. I dare to say that many might feel this poem was written about them. I wonder if anyone has ever told you that you have a way with words.


  5. Dear Karima…..I tell you, I swear you, you have a wonderful awesome way with words ( twinkling to Hoyt 🙂 And you have the magic gift of pulling me into the character, to identify completely with poor Juliee, and the music, this music…you couldn´t have make a better choice **
    And….the most astonishing thing of all…I just spoke, a few minutes ago, with Van Caerndow, because he was the predecessor artist in Snug Harbour, where I`m going to display now…..
    a chain…..a fate….a coincidence…….


  6. Oh Isabel, what a totally small world we live in!! and today I actually spoke with the Juliee who inspired the painting(can you believe it?) and I will be doing a reading April 10th at her Museum. Curiouser and Curiouser…Thank you sweet Isa for your comments
    We just have to love SL for all these wonderful inter-relationships:) Poety and Art dance a graceful waltz here together…:)


  7. Torben Mølgaard-Andersen says:

    This poem is great as always. What I like about your work is that it surprises. And the music. These words generate music and extend the painting. Thank you….


    • Sigfred, thank you so much for enjoying and understanding my “quirky poetry” I guess it sometimes does surprise..just as life surprises us too. In reality, I think this is a sweet painting of a pretty girl in a garden of giant flowers, but my imagination got the bit in its mouth and ran away:)


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