Swirl It Around

space blue 4 ~artist ieko Catnap

Enjoy this music that “swirls it around” while you read the poem

Swirl It Around

for ieko Catnap (the artist)

I see all the languages of the world
mixed into one telepathy,
the end of babbling and talk-speak,
we could look into blue eyes, black or brown
and nod in perfect understanding.
Swirl it around.

Let the oceans come together
all of them, pull the radiation
oil spills, decomposing waste,
weekend picnic’s plastic plates
right down the center drain,
wash the sludge away.
Swirl it around.

High winds rotating counter- clockwise
dropping gifts instead of death
On top of homes and farmlands
soft rains and birds then bees return,
a giant fan to blow the smoke away.
Swirl it around.

One black hole for all the rest
why millions of lifeless spheres?
The plan must be much bigger than I guessed,
nothing hardly anti-matters anymore,
suck it all up and spit it out again
Swirl it around.

Karima Hoisan
April, 20, 2011
Misty Shores Linc Island, SL
© 2011 all rights reserved

*please see my comment on the painting and the artist

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5 Responses to Swirl It Around

  1. What is this poem about? Well…everything I see when I look at this painting for awhile 🙂 I would love to hear what others see in it too..so feel free to comment.
    Ieko Catnap is a favorite abstract artist of mine in Second Life. She inspired one of my poems that I consider my personal best that I’ve posted on this blog “Narcissus” (see post)
    She has a new show at Pirats, where I bought this one entitled “space blue 4” I recommend going and seeing her work and the other talented artists displaying there:
    Laetitia C, Anley Piers in SL & Cherry Manga : the 7 Deadly Sins – Part 1
    Maria Murano, Kati Kristan in SL
    Graciela Scolati, luciella Lutrova in SL
    Here is the taxi to Pirats SAS Art Gallery http://slurl.com/secondlife/SAS%20La%20Rochelle/96/122/24


  2. RAG Randt says:

    “…nothing hardly anti-matters anymore,” -love this line. I am a big Dark Matter fan!


  3. Menubar says:

    Nice beatnik vibe.


    • Well “Daddy-O” was a bit before our time.. but I am sorry I missed it..I did read “On The Road” that I snatched from the book pile we had on our ranch..I think it was an exciting and highly creative time:) Thanks for commenting MB:)


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