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Tierra Dorada – Golden Land

Tierra Dorada(for ieko Catnap the artist) Golden prim of Creation out of the gasses and water you rise…the first idea ..the first word“Be”Ancestors, ore’s millenniums, humans float and fall on bobbing tides of eonsSculpted by the Dreamerand we dream within … Continue reading

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Swirl It Around

Enjoy this music that “swirls it around” while you read the poem Swirl It Around for ieko Catnap (the artist) I see all the languages of the world mixed into one telepathy, the end of babbling and talk-speak, we could … Continue reading

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Narcissus (inspired by the painting “Narcisse 11” artist ieko Catnap) (please enjoy the music while you read the poem) MulhollandDrive-LoveTheme.Angelo Badalamenti.mp3 In the stilled waters of a liquid mirror, he found love like a floating swan, paddling through himself, the … Continue reading

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