Buoy In The Night

Can a buoy be immune to the coming of the wave?

Click the link below for the mp3˚* to hear my recorded reading of the poem to music “Buoy in the Night mp3” I will include the poem also written out below.

Buoy In The Night

Can a buoy be immune to the coming of the wave?
Or does it meet each one head-on, lurching… trembling?
Can a buoy be unmoved, by the power of the sea?
Or does it pitch and roll, tossing to and fro, wavering… wobbling…wobbling?

Buoy in the night, rolling on a swell, never ever sinking, bobbing… bobbing,
Waves come crashing in, and waves gently retreat, you float upon the tides,
of stormy surf and undertows, and your bell can be heard clanging,
like a herd of running goats, 
ringing…chiming…clanging… banging.
Clang! Chime! Bang! Bobbing… bobbing.
Why don’t you float away? and see the oceans of the world?
The seals will climb up on you, taking shelter from the moon,
Howling… bickering…barking… barking.
Is it true what they all say? That you are chained forever,
To the bottom of the bay.  Although it’s true you’ll never sink,
You’ll never swim away. Is that the price you pay?
For never drowning… sinking… drowning?

Why don't you break your chain?

Why don’t you break your chain, and leave the shoreline… far behind?
The currents taking you, to star-rise and sunrise
While you float, swaying…. quaking… shaking.
Just ask the next big wave, to take you when it goes,
Pulled on the moon- drunk tides, now you are fleeing…weaving… leaving.
Clang! Chime! Bang! Bobbing… bobbing.
If you say no… I’ll think it’s true, what they all say,
That you are chained forever, to the bottom of the bay.
Although it’s true you’ll never sink… you’ll never swim away.
Is that the price you pay, for never drowning… drowning…drowning?

Karima Hoisan
April 28th 2011
Linc Island, Sl
© 2011 all rights reserved

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6 Responses to Buoy In The Night

  1. jan says:

    So interesting…..the bouy never sinks, drowns, it is tied to the bottom of the sea for the very purpose to always be there. So much like we are…a part of our nature would protect our very being, our sense of security, in a similar way….tied to ideas, identity, a “story” that would define us….never daring to go deep enough inside to break the bonds that might take us to….something Greater.


    • HI jan, thank you one more time for your in-depth and well thought out comment. Really, I am not kidding, I wait to see what you will say when you do comment, because many times, you see more than I , who am caught up in the process of writing or reading can see. Yes, the buoy we have all been I guess, whether we sink roots down too deep in the ground that we become static, or drop chains too heavily anchored in the bay, we very possibly are missing out on a few of Life’s Adventures, by playing it too safe..


  2. menubar says:

    Wow the sound production on that one is great Karima!


  3. Sigfred Rodenberger says:

    Funny…often when sailing pass a buoy I almost feel it’s human. Secure. Comforting. A warm father figure. Always stay at the same spot even in high seas…thx for putting different words on this:)


    • My pleasure Sigfred and always so nice to have you visiting my blog again:) Yes this poem was born out of an observation of buoys, and thinking just like you were too.
      Always there, but that is a double edged sword. Yes even in monster seas they float and don’t move, but how limited their view of the world:) I hope you were able to hear the recording I made of it. The music of Bliss goes so well with the rhythm of the poem. Thank you again for commenting:)


  4. dingdong says:

    Hi…remember a year ago I was gonna fix my computer? Finally did! Got sound. So I’m visiting and trying to suss out this milieu. Shoot me an e-mail.


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