The doors push open and out she comes…

 Click this link to hear my reciting of the free verse poem “Lonely”


for Anje Aichi the artist/photographer
inspired by the photographic piece “Lonely”

The doors push open and out she comes,
an ungraceful arrival but she’s looking good,
while she looks both ways up and down the track.
He wasn’t waiting there, and there is no one to be found.

She hadn’t quite grown out of her white Mary-Janes,
when she grew into her Victoria’s Secret.
Meters it seemed, of young thorough -bred- legs swathed in black silk and sheer lace…quite the fashion statement! There outta be a law.

 No one was on the platform when her subway car pushed her out the door.
and she had a bit too much to drink.
If she would have worn spike heels,
she would have fallen on her cute little fanny,
winding up staring into the
mirror of a dirty subway sink.
It was so lonely looking at those graffiti walls,
all dank and not promising what she had hoped for.
No heavy footsteps of her pretender, or any pretender for that matter,
who would take her arm, and fill her up, chase the loneliness right out of her
“Go get away….

 She was so lonely, taken to the danger point, but she wasn’t aware.
What was on her mind, was to have a good time, with someone who was smooth at pretending he cared,
even if she faked it, never being 100% there.
It flowed, the naughty talk, and the come- get- me- looks, and hip to hip dancing, and she liked how she could pick up the pace,
with just a kiss, or a whisper, or a little white lie.

Oh my…
She had that sexy innocence and you could never prove she wasn’t, well…innocent, not just by looking at her.
Only she knew what she was doing, and why she was doing it,
and watching her do her thing, I could never bring the verdict in,
but I think she loved to be in control, although, she liked to do the sweet faint of heart, and flutter her eyelashes, check her look in the mirror then check you out checking her, that game…
She loved it all, so, when I stepped out of the shadows,
she put her little lipstick away and right through her tinted glasses I saw,
oh she was lonely enough, to smile at me and say,
Just one of those things, because… I was kinda lonely too.

Karima Hoisan
April 29, 2011
Virtual Gallery Linc Island
© 2011 all rights reserved

*please see my comment below

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3 Responses to Lonely

  1. I bought the photograph,”Lonely” set in a box frame that gives it depth like a shadow-box today at the opening of Fuschia Nightfire’s New Gallery. The show was entitled “Fuschia and Anje’s Subway Show ” and it was a lot of fun and also was obvious they both put a lot of work into it. I will quote here a little more about the show in their own words,
    “In her travels through SL, Fuschia Nightfire was always drawn towards the more grungy sims, and could never resist a bargain. It was in one of these grunge sims that she found the subway freebie created by Arcadia Asylum, so of course she picked up a copy and took it home. She had in mind to use it at some point, for something, but she had no idea at that time what, so it sat in her inventory for a few years.

    Then she met Anje Aichi, renowned SL photographer and they got chatting. Fuschia showed the subway to Anje and between them they came up with the idea to work together to record photographically, a relationship that begins in SL in that subway setting, grows and eventually comes to an grand finale, and then use the subway build as a gallery to exhibit these photos.

    Using their own avatars, they set out on their spontaneous journey a la ‘Thelma and Louise’, exploring a wide range of locations and themes. Throughout this process, they collaborated and created together, learning from each other, laughing a lot and produced a body of work exhibited here for your enjoyment. Anje and Fuschia hope you enjoy the trip as much as they did.
    You can find the show here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Osprey%20Bay/202/202/2

    Trying to keep within the theme, I chose to write a loose narrative, free verse, a la “Tom Waits” and tell a quick tale of what I saw in the photograph. I hope you enjoy the recording. I picked out a Twin Peaks piece by Angelo Badalamenti “Freshly Squeezed” to add to the mood.


  2. anje aichi says:

    oooh karimaaaa. your voice makes me swoon. i definitely would have batted an eyelash for you on that subway train platform.



    • Sweet little Anje, didn’t your mother tell you, that subway platforms at midnight are not safe for one who looks like you?
      I wish I could have captured the depth of this photo-box..I love the three dimensional feel of it, but I wanted to show a close-up of who was “lonely”


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