Abstraction of Heart

"Thrown against the splattered window pane..."

Please enjoy the music
“Ode” by David Darling chosen for this poem

Abstraction of Heart
inspired by the painting “Visceral Fling” by Jan Betts

Thrown against the splattered window pane of broken dreams,
a shot rings out past candle-light, and the amorous wine for two,
illusions sweetened aperitif, now you taste it, and now you don’t,
the fresh bruised center piece, with wounded flowering flesh is you.

Romance does die, and all is ugly raw, like meat that’s served too crude-
and blood slides dripping down the viaduct of one more lost affair. 
Let the heavens cry, and open wide to abject emptiness tonight,
I see you take one in the heart, oh… such a  painful bloody tear!

So don’t be mad if it won’t heal tomorrow or by the next week’s dawn,
Or sometimes, wants to disintegrate in liquid salt -filled plates.
Yes these pumps of hope and mirrors are known to finally self -repair,
but something that used to live within, gets lost forever from its fate.

Love’s lethal shell when passing, pierces, nerves cry out ever- imprinted,
It now survives, an injured veteran caught between a truth and lie.
Shot by a killer word that rings and echo- flecks with drilled disdain,
Ripped-out and flung, a heart beat stutters, grabs for breaths, but will not die.

Karima Hoisan
May 17, 2011
S.I. Costa Rica
©2011 all rights reserved

*please see my comment

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11 Responses to Abstraction of Heart

  1. I have known Jan Betts for as long as I can remember. She is one of my dearest RL friends and one of my favorite artists. I have many of her paintings in my home, collected over the years. She is an amazing visionary artist, and I invite you to visit her online gallery and see more of her traditional works. This abstract, “Visceral Fling” is something very different for her.
    You can find her Art here on her website, and do visit her blog to see the latest paintings she is working on. http://www.janbettsart.com/


  2. Beautiful and deeply moving; a double-barreled masterpiece straight from the heart, ringing with the power of the blues.


    • Thank you Chrome…powerful images pull out my very soul in little simple words..This is one of those, and the music of David Darling, turns it all into an abstract blues lament…I do love Jan’s original title “Visceral Fling” but used my own title, because I felt is as such too…


  3. Karima 🙂
    This is the most touching description of lover`s grief I ever read in a poem…..
    Don`t we all find ourselves in it…… we all, which had lost a love and know, how painful it is, how long the healing takes and that always a part of us won`t be able to recover….
    The painting is adorable, a masterpiece too ***


    • Oh thank you Isabel..Yes this painting was what inspired my words. I saw a center piece, shot through the heart. Sighs, always a very painful experience, but yes hearts do recover, albeit with a few scars, but they can love again..:) I am so glad you enjoyed the intertwining of dance between this visual and poetic art.. You have set me to poetry quite a number of times too, with yours:)
      abrazos amiga:)


  4. Jan says:

    Well…Karima i am speechless! Your poetry never ceases to amaze me…but what a ride it took me on this time…!!! Inspired by my own newest painting, which, still fresh, is a mystery to me! You took another dive into that profound place where you go with all of your poetry, that speaks brilliantly from the private realms of being deeply human….the heights and the depths….the spirit/soul of the magical mystery tour we are all on . And i love the music you chose. Another of so many congratulations to you….and i am honored. Thank you.


    • Surprise!! Smiling… well as soon as I saw the image I had a feeling it would be a poem, but just not sure when. What a powerful fling it was too!!
      Yes I saw this in it, and I guess I have lived somehow what I later see in abstract art. In my case, it is this way. I was impacted as if the bullet passed through my own. It stirred up many feelings and imagery..which I tried to put down in this poem. I am so glad you liked the final product.. Isn’t David Darling music incredible? Oh I just can’t tell you how his music helps the poetry flow out of me, and that many times, it becomes an integral part of the process. Thank you dear friend, for sharing your artistic talents with me and with us all..such a pleasure and such a treat, to see what will come next…


  5. The imagery in this poem blows me away. It is so on target! And the raw emotion tears at my heart as well. But not to worry… you promise that it heals.


    • First… Littleone, I say thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post. I am so honored that you stopped by, and that you felt on such a deep level, the words of my poem, inspired by this visceral image. You as an artist, and as one who has also inspired my poetry know, that my idea can be very different than the artist’s, yet somehow they blend to make a new whole feeling, and collaboration that is both subtle and yet vibrant and fresh. I feel this very much with Abstraction of Heart..and yes I do promise..eventually it heals… a bit worse for wear, but capable of loving again:)


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Karima is a painter and engraver using words to leave us speechless and breathless.


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