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La Caja de Oro – The Gold Box

La Caja de Oro Para E. Me dijiste: “Este momento..este momento exacto que estamos viviendo quiero guardarlo en una caja de oro… cada pensamiento, cada palabra suspirada cada paso, cada segundo, cada gemido.” Te dije: “Yo soy tu poeta, y … Continue reading

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Wake Her Up!

Wake Her Up! Unaware, a sleeping beauty in the lush forest of her dreams; She was having this dream repeatedly, remembering it so clearly: The feeling of being kissed wide awake before her time, Kissed, when there was no future … Continue reading

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Rattled My Brain

Rattled My Brain For all those souls that rattled my brain shook me awake at midnight and put me on a horse to ride and ride and ride by only the light of the moon for the chance to hear … Continue reading

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Drink Me With Your Eyes

Click to download the poem recited to my musical composition here. This is a performance piece, so to thoroughly enjoy it, please make that extra effort to click and listen to it spoken to the music. Drink Me With Your … Continue reading

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Underwater Love

I invite you to listen to a romantic and beautiful song by Amr Diab called  “Te’dar Tetkalem” “You Can Speak For Yourself.”   Just Click the title link and enjoy! “Underwater Love” Inspired by the Iphoneography  “Underwater Love” by Isabel … Continue reading

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“Dinner For Two”

I invite you to listen to my reciting of this poem,  from a live reading at Tropical Reflections Costa Rica Feb. 23rd. Just Click on the link below: “Dinner For Two” Live Recording Dinner For Two for D. Maybe it … Continue reading

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Abstraction of Heart

Please enjoy the music“Ode” by David Darling chosen for this poem Abstraction of Heart inspired by the painting “Visceral Fling” by Jan Betts Thrown against the splattered window pane of broken dreams, a shot rings out past candle-light, and the … Continue reading

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