A Net Full of Eels

Slippery eels sliding through the net holes

A Net Full of Eels 

Slippery eels sliding
through the net holes
the mesh,
somewhat large,
it can’t contain them all.
how they eye the water world
of survival far below.
With all their strength and agility,
they wriggle out of certain death,
in their quest to live,
they choose the desperate fall.

Many upon many cascade
in painful belly flops.
They beat the water
with their blackened forms.
Some gracefully,
like rigid,
high-dive athletes,
push through head first,
puncture the ocean surface clean
breaking every written
record, barrier – norm.

It is so painful
to watch their struggle end.
I root for all of them
to make it through.
But, some have succumbed

to being out too long.
The sun is hot,
the distant drop
into their element, the water,
if not done
just exactly right,
would likely
kill them too.

I am more amazed
than repulsed
by what I see,
for their slithering,
brings out
primal anxiety,
and makes me shake.
Still, a small compassion
rooted deep inside of me,
stirs, as on the docks
they start to fade and bake.

“Oh Allah bless the fortunates
who never knew the net.”
“Bless those, who grew in strength,
and made it safely home.”
“Bless the ones caught up,
who never could escape “

Karima Hoisan
© 2007
*please see my comment below

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5 Responses to A Net Full of Eels

  1. Eels totally” creep me out” but at one moment I had a change of heart and felt compassion for them, as I would for a fluffy bunny rabbit. This one is dear to my heart because I created him, and he is one of the lucky ones who made it through the net and swam away…look he’s smiling 🙂


  2. Chrome says:

    ..and of course, then there are the tiniest of eels who wriggle their way through the net to find an egg and ignite the spark of life. Not to mention the largest eel of all, who long ago had something to do with what they now call The Big Bang. Just a theory, but nonetheless…

    Love the poem, Karima. It triggered visions in my head. 🙂


    • Ahh very true Chrome, those eels seem to be in the basic building blocks of Life..and yet we have an almost unanimous and universal aversion towards them..Interesting. I am so glad my poem triggered visions..it also did me when I wrote it as I was “in a vision” I never really saw this in real life, and I don’t even suppose it happens this way, but there it was right before my “inner eyes” I have wanted to post it before, but never had the right virtual picture for it…until now.


  3. texaspk says:

    I found you!! Thanks to the eels!
    Linda M. Abuelgh…..etc
    from Texas and Jordan


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