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Ignorance is Bliss

I guess I never really knew you. While I was real enough, you were more pretend. Should I hang on to the deception you weaved that made you my very best friend? I had something so unique with only you, … Continue reading

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My Poem,”Way With Words” on Spillwords Press

Hello everyone,I am happy to share today, that my poem, “Way With Words” is now up on Spillwords Press.This is my 7th poem chosen for their site, and once again I am grateful to the editors and all at Spillwords, … Continue reading

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Way Too Bright…

Everyone tells me to stand up on my feet…My pale face and dark cloud spaceis bringing them down to blueOops!…did I get some on you?Well…I’m working on it..I’m coming back from the deadI’m pulling it togetherI’m stapling my headI can’t … Continue reading

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The Cemetery Far Away

David Friedrich- The Cemetery Entrance The Cemetery Far Away for Natascha I’m writing letters to you in dreams I am making movies too, It’s so one-sided, just my voice, I only hear me speaking… never you.. I am talking to … Continue reading

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How Can You Come To Me?

How can you come to me?If I never even heard your voicecall my name?Will you come in a written chat,imposed over the clouds,or across the scrimof my closed eyes? Will your words just enter mewithout words, so I feelyou are … Continue reading

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For Natascha

Creativity in grief, has always been a way of dealing with pain and loss. 5 unrelated things happened for this simple little visual poem to come alive. 1.I shot my bedroom window in the wind on my iphone… 2. I … Continue reading

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My Poem”Winter Coat” on MaticadoresUSA

My poem, written for my mother, “Winter Coat” is now up on MasticadoresUSA.I hope you will read it there and visit their beautiful website showcasing so many wonderful, talented poets. I am sorry I am so late in announcing this..I … Continue reading

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Settling In To Reality

Settling in to reality.. when everything we used to do when everything we used to see when we had hopes and dreams when we worked together in a room and laughed together on the weekend… that when, when, when is … Continue reading

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Please Sit Down….

Someone wished me a beautiful night… It is a beautiful night, the temperature just right, the feeling of the air, that wraps around me is a caress, it’s like a kiss, that lasts forever. A subtle whisper in my ear: … Continue reading

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Switching Places

You taught me to read between your lines right from the start. “It’s not what I do it’s what I say, It’s not what I say, It’s what lies beneath.” I translated you for your family who barely understood your … Continue reading

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