Second Life + Real Life = Artistic Magic!!

Emile Stratten (Sands) and Karima Hoisan

Emile and I, as advertised, were part of an exciting joining of Second Life and Real Life for the dual -world opening of Littleone Aries/Monica Linville’s latest exhibition “Organica”
While we were gathering in Littleone’s own “Aries Gallery STNY” in-world she was hosting a cocktail party to celebrate her Real Life show of her work at “The House of Creative Soul” in Saratoga Springs, NY. They could peer in and see us and hear us, while we were able to join them visually through a live feed on Ustream.

The place quickly began to fill up as we took turns reciting our poetry.

It felt very special to us to be reciting in SL knowing perhaps we were touching someone briefly in Rl with our words and music. Everyone who attended at the Aries Gallery looked very stylish,(as we tend to do in Second Life) and there was a feeling of celebration and coming together, all  the while, surrounded by the beautiful paintings of Littleone/Monica, whose bright colors and abstract beauty lit up the room and made the patrons glow even more brightly.

Very stylish Aussies: Missy Rothmanay and Sanne Burns caught by the paparazzi

Phillipe Pascal was the gracious host for the evening and also kept Littleone’s avatar in world while he was in contact with her in real life. The confusing logistics did seem to work out quite smoothly, and before we knew it, our reading was coming to an end and all present seemed to enjoy the hour of poetry and music we had prepared for them. Then we were totally ready to kick up our heels with the rest of the guests and enjoy the classical/jazzy/bossa nova guitar of Voodoo Shilton. I had never heard him before and was truly amazed at how good and how versatile his music was.

Voodoo Shilton was nothing less than fabulous!!

The party continued on at The Aries Gallery for another hour much to the delight of a good crowd who stayed on until the end and we saw at one point Monica (who is Littleone’s ‘avatar’ in Real Life) wave to all of us..and yes the magic was felt like a small current that circled the room.

Handsome Hoyt Heron and beautiful Isabel Hermano ( in white) caught in the lens

I think all who were there would agree, the SL part of the event was a great success, and it looked like the RL party was wonderful too. I am awaiting details from Littleone about how we were received and will add a footnote. We only wished we could have cloned Littleone to be in both places at the same time. Who knows? In a few years that might even be possible and we can project ourselves to several different spots in several worlds on something like a Live Hologram-Stream. All I know is… this little taste of combining the artistic worlds, has left me hoping to be asked to participate in future ones. I already think I heard Emile’s wheels turning in that same direction so …stay tuned….

*I want to give a big thanks to Sanne Brune for snapping the photos I have used here.
Comments are very welcome and if anyone has some more pictures of the event, please send them to me at and I will be happy to add them

** Thank you to Missy Rothmanay and Isabel Hermano for more photos sent to me. I include some of them here below

Littleone Aries whose beautiful paintings can be seen behind her

How it looked from our view

A birds-eye view of the event

"I eat color and it makes me dance...."

I would love to put a name to this transluscent glorious being....

Such elegance!! Even the dog had on a designer collar

Lots of illustrious friends and family came.. and color surrounded could we not be inspired?

Another special thank you to my dear friend Theodore Hoppe for the pictures he also sent me below.

A nice shot of the official poster of the dual world event

Littleone Aries with her colors glowing behind her

Emile thinks to himself,"Not one more Shirely Temple Cocktail for Karima please"

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6 Responses to Second Life + Real Life = Artistic Magic!!

  1. Emile Sands says:

    What a fantastic event, I was so proud to be in the company of such amazing talent and surrounded by the truly inspirational work of Monica Linville/Littleone Aries. Thank you, Karima, for posting this recap of the event and sharing with us all the photos and sentiments. I truly enjoyed participating and yes, the wheels are turning feverishly!


    • Wasn’t is amazing? What a wonderful combination of visual, spoken, and musical artistic collaboration and weaving. I would raise my hand in a second to so this again..I am still “full” on the incredible colors of this collection..


  2. missyrothmanay says:

    Each reading better than the one before, always a new element to satisfy our lust for your works. So much thought and planning goes into these events to make them appear seamless but we get so much more. Such a personal and wonderful experience to have been in that room to hear the spoken word as interpreted by the authors. The artwork was just breathtaking and as tall if not taller than i stood. Really wanted to turn and walk into them. And the music by Voodoo who i never heard before today, made my feet burn with the rhythms that flowed from his trusty guitar.

    Gosh we can scrub up good when we put on something nice 🙂
    Thank you all for what you do.
    …still buzzing


    • Missy thank you for your continual support in so many ways of our brand of art.. Your pictures have also really added a larger dimension to the event, and so glad you got one of our (in abstensia) star Littleone. Yes the paintings are amazing. I urge everyone to take some time and visit her gallery and see them..


  3. This was my first reading of Karima and Emile, I had the chance to listen and I couldn`t have wished a more inspiring and powerful location, thanks to the outstanding artwork of Monica Linville. One day before this “RL-SL- Event” I took my time and visited her gallery all alone, wandering from painting to painting, inhaling her colours and energy. Thus I could concentrate on Karima`s and Emile`s voices and lyrics, floating above the carefully chosen background music. Poems, voices and music complemented each other and created a state of intensive alertness and at the same time peaceful calmness. I wished, they would never stop reading …..
    Voodoo Shilton was an amazing discovery , brandnew for me also and I fell instantly in love with his guitar playing. How versatile this musician is !
    I enjoyed this evening so much and I bet all other guests too ……Thank you for the invitation, Karima:) When will be the next one ??? Big smile….


    • Thank you so much Isabel for first attending the reading and for leaving this very nice comment here. Yes Littleone’s art is both powerful and inspiring. I too felt the honor and the specialness of the moments. Voodoo was a first for me too and I know I will go listen soon again as I just loved his music. I am so happy you finally got to hear a reading and that you liked the mix of music and poetry and art. For those who didn’t have a chance to make it, I hope they visit her gallery soon and see this beautiful colorful show.
      Un abrazo fuerte mi amiga wonderful to have you with us that night:)


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