One Word Why I Sometimes Stay Up Too Late…TUKSO!!

Digital Rabbit Hole is not only about showcasing my poetry, and Second Life is not only about making films for me, it’s about having fun and about friendship..and a very important ingredient Live Music!! I sometimes get myself in a rut, and take it all too seriously and forget to kick out now and then and just enjoy it all. It is no secret that Tukso Okey is my favorite live musician in Second Life, and I have done several posts about him, (see back posts) When You Run With Wizards, Karima~Tukso ~The Mistaken Paparazzi~The True Story, Flux Capacitor by Tukso Okey and MenuBar Memorial, What Might Happen If , Tukso Tukso Tukso.
The night before last I missed a great show, that everyone was talking about so, last night, armed with a big cup of Costa Rican coffee, I decided to stay up past my bedtime to catch the 10pmslt Tukso show at Benelli’s Bar. If anyone is reading this who hasn’t had a Tukso experience, I say without any exaggeration, you are missing one of the best things you can do in Second Life…or any life. Can you hear the excitement in my voice? Just make a point of finding where he will be next and catch a show as soon as possible. Each one is a total original, and there is never one like the one before. So, when I arrived, the show was just beginning, and there was a group of guys in perfect sync, right below the stage, dancing to Tukso’s first song…

and the show was on!

and the show was on! I had no sooner rezzed, when I got a dance invitation from Kiki to join a pretty awesome Girls chorus line that was forming. I mean watching those Boys do their moves, inspired us Girls to show them ours, and the  battle of the chorus lines was now part of the show. As I said, every time Tukso performs there is a special flavor for each show, and this one was flavored in “Hawt &Sync” and as Shesa coined, we were the delicious “Tukso’s Tarts”

Eat your hearts out Boys....We have our moves too!

“Eat your hearts out Boys…We have our moves too!” But, the competition was stiff, and they showed us theirs,

Left To Right Taronn, Sandi, Misha,and Fadi

and we showed them ours…

From right to left Padula, Kiki, Karima, Shesa, and Stacie

Then they showed us theirs again…

While Tukso was showing us why he Is The Red Hot Pappa

 While Tukso was showing us why he Is The Red Hot Pappa, we were showing him why we loved to be his Tarts… It was one of those spontaneous, lose-yourself-in his music moments.

Every one was a winner in the battle of the Chorus Lines

Every one was a winner in the battle of the Chorus Lines and even a 5.0 Earthquake in my country (Costa Rica) right before it was over, only made me lose the sync a tiny bit..but quickly I was back tightening my line…and It was so much fun.. am I allowed to say that? That might not be the coolest term for blog writing, but Fun is what it was..and what it always is when Tukso works his magic…

Shepp and Wynn in the foreground, Girls and Boys in line

and all present at Benelli’s Bar were in agreement..

So, listen Boys, last night was a draw...

So, listen Boys, last night was a draw… a tie, but I don’t think Tukso’s Tarts will leave it at that… Right Girls?

So we challenge you to do your thing...and we'll do ours

 So we challenge you to do your thing…and we’ll do ours real soon. Now I better take  a nap to be ready to stay up late again, because Tukso is ALWAYS worth losing a little sleep over… Join the group, our Family and jump into the magic that this great performer brings.

* Here are some Links to Tukso Okey, his blogs and music just to “Spread Da Word”

**Kiki just slipped me this link, if anyone is interested in joining the chorus line, they can pick up their official Tukso’s Tarts T-shirt here, wear it to the next show and if Kiki is there.. she will invite you:)

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11 Responses to One Word Why I Sometimes Stay Up Too Late…TUKSO!!

  1. Menubar says:

    Haha, sorry I missed that show! Looks like you guys had a blast! Every Tukso Okey show is a unique and incredible experience. He’s an indescribably mind-bending and time-bending songwriter/musician.


  2. sandi Mexicola says:

    so cooool! thank you! 😀


  3. Aww you are most welcome sandi…looking forward to the next “dance battle” anytime, anywhere but with Tukso onstage..PS we are getting matching outfits…just know that


    • sandi Mexicola says:

      lol! i doubt i could coordinate all the guys to dress up with matching outfits! u’ll prolly end up looking quite a bit better than us! 🙂


  4. Shesa Quandry says:

    OMG! Wow! That looks like it was so much fun! I wish I had been there! Oh, wait… there I am. I guess there is no denying it… lol. Does this mean we’re famous? It was a total blast. Every Tukso show is. ;o)
    I’m headed in to get my Tshirt now! Thanks Harmony!


  5. I think the evidence that you were very present is in the photos Miss Shesa..:) and of course we’re famous!! Look what a famous family we belong to..and look who Poppa is!!!


  6. Wynn says:

    Love ya, Karima—-and our Tukso family keeps growing—so much love at his shows!

    Wynn (the Wild One) 🙂


  7. You too Wynn:) We have the greatest Family with our dynamic Pappa Tukso at the head of the table.. and the more family members..the happier we grow too:)


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