Ahh December…A Month of Anniversaries and Milestones

It was four years ago this month, Karima was sitting, reading in her garden

 It was four years ago this month,  Karima was sitting, reading in her garden, most likely a book of verse, when someone said to her,
“I am watching the Discovery Channel on my television and they are talking about a strange virtual world, they call it Second Life.”
Luckily she was reading on her laptop (smiles) so she put in the address he told her, and before she knew it, she was yelling from the garden to the house,

“Oh what fun, I will make an avatar, and choose a name.
I am going to be “the girl-next-door model”
“What do you think of the name “Karima Hoisan”?

“Ha ha I am learning how to fly.”
“I just had a conversation with a parrot”
“This looks pretty amazing… Come see!”
I took the first photograph of myself, which would be the first of thousands, and not knowing how to use my camera very well, was a straight noob shot from behind.

and then I fell off of Avatar Island and landed on what would be my home..forever

 and then I fell off of Avatar Island and landed, on what would be my home…forever.
How many memories, tears, laughter, learning curves, creative flops and successes, loves, losses, dreams in windlight, frustrations, and moments of utter bliss, in these last four years?!! Family was born, and some were lost, friends were made, tested with time and they lasted..some left themselves  along the way, and didn’t make it to today, while some disappeared into the night, like fog.
If I had it to do all over again, I would in a heart beat.
Second Life  changed my life in way, that four years later I am coming to understand, and to harvest and collect the creative fruits, daily, monthly, yearly.
Then one year ago this month, an idea that was born almost in the first few weeks of my Second Life journey, was realized in the publishing of my first poetry book in world, entitled, “Digital Rabbit Hole” My publisher BellaLuna Galaxy suggested, no actually she insisted, I start a blog too at the same time, to promote my book,  announce my readings, or for whatever I might want to share with those who enjoyed my poetry. I could not imagine at the time, what I would ever say in a blog, and fought this idea, pretty insistently…until I lost. I was sort of like a SouthPark character walking away, mumbling to herself,
“Ok. Ok. I’ll keep a blog (grrr) Sheesh@!”
Now a year later, I look back so fondly, and see BellaLuna knew what I never could imagine, that a blog, takes on its own life, and through it, I have had so many incredible experiences, and inspirations, so many friends, who I connected with even more deeply by sharing my posts with them, and the whole year has been an amazing experience. I tried, sometimes less successfully than others, new things, new mediums for me and art forms. Stories were born, videos were made, and adventures were had.
If I had it to do all over again, I would in a heart beat.
I close with this video, the first ever made for me, by my friend Fidel, another Second Life jewel discovered when I wasn’t even looking for jewels. This was the promotional video for my official book launching on Galaxy Isle, and those who were there, will testify that we crashed the sim that day. Milestones and Memories of December! Thank you all for making my Second Life and this blog such a joyous experience for me.. Happy Holidays to you, and thank you for letting me show and share and learn to love you.

Thin Air

In this thin air of real life
Only duty can call me to return
For nothing is as glorious as a
Sunset in windlight,
Descending sphere we’ve come to love
Hypnotizing glow and burn.

Oh Second Life you swallowed me
Took me by surprise,
Creative rapture!
I am the willing victim
Of your virtual possession,
Digital rabbit hole…
How you enthrall then capture.

I dream in your reflecting colors
Of shifting shapes,
I weep to see so much beauty on your  shores,
And in the souls of
Some few special ones
I find I burst into
Emoting seeds and spores.

I stand in awe and let myself be moved.
Love here knocks , it calls in  many ways.
My door is always open
To your changing scenes,
My heart expands with each
Oxygen -rich day

I breathe you in,
so full of life, spontaneous laughter
How thin the air above ,
all day the grey it makes me choke,
I almost lost the will to live
just could not see a why for it
‘Til I was rezzed upon your land
Oh, changed forever after.

Karima Hoisan
March 21,2008
Costa Rica

An excerpt from
“Digital Rabbit Hole”
copyright 2010 all rights reserved

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29 Responses to Ahh December…A Month of Anniversaries and Milestones

  1. Maria Vought says:

    What wonderful memories your post brought back sis. We didn’t find each other for a while – brought together in such an unusual way and I’d never have guessed we’d become so close.

    Thank you for your friendship, your love and your loyalty, your bossiness! and your joy at sharing your words and music with everyone. I’m still in awe of your talents :)). Here’s to the next four years!



  2. awww thank you Sis and yes we did meet in a way maybe even the most bizarre and kinky soap opera would have labeled, “too fanciful to believe:) You are so much of my Second Life, and yes all we have shared and learned from each other.. I really wanted to do this post and say thank you to everyone whose paths I was lucky enough to cross, each and every one has been a learning experience. I don’t want a rezz day party, I just want to say thank you, and a very heartfelt one for you sis, and for still being here with me 🙂 I am glad that even my inherent “bossiness” has become part of our entire picture and our rich history together here. Yes Here’s to the next four and hopefully more!


  3. Expand Mint says:

    Thanks Karima,
    I do love you, you have always moved me.
    I have quit SL for now as I got lost too far down the rabbit hole and neglected RL. I do miss it though.
    Take care awesome woman….Love always Expand.


    • Oh Expand..yes this rabbit hole has been known to be a trap and finding balance is always key. I still remember your first day when you wandered into my swamp back yard in New Toulouse (on my RL birthday) which made you an SL Pisces and a close one at that for as long as “was written” I wish you the very best in your RL and maybe even see you one more time in some fur-lined tunnel:) who knows?


  4. anje aichi says:

    darling: when the poets and the artists create such eloquent work with and inspired by sl, i know that it is not just ‘me’ or my needs but something more universal, more (r)evolutionary happening in this wonderful new world. i am so happy i can share my sl with souls such as yours. you have enriched my experience and my life. i look forward to a long and luxuriant friendship with you. btw, we are about the same age, happy birthday! xoxo


  5. ohh beautiful anje, thank you so much..Yes we are blessed with so many artists, of all kinds in SL and the most fun for me is when we start to become catalysts for new art born by just the fact we get to know one another and that makes our own creative bursts explode in new directions.. I just love that..Thanks sweet anje for being very much a part of the best of my SL:) and happy rezz day to you dear too (rushes to see when it is)


  6. Scotj Criss says:

    Beautiful poem Karima, and yes my sl has been enriched by so many wonderful talented people I have met and also built friendships with…Thank you for being part of my sl and a great friend when I needed one too.
    Happy Rez day…
    & Happy Holidays!!


    • Oh Thank you Scotj..The Criss is a true milestone in my SL history, and some of my best memories, readings, and inspirations from Art came from there.. I will never forget that, or those times we all shared.. Happy Holidays Scotj!!


  7. You know my smile is broad and genuine, filled with the memories you stirred up 🙂 Congrats on your many accomplishments and milestones, Sissy Poo! It has been a joy of years (can you believe it??) to witness your evolution, but I dare say that the boundless talent within you has forever bubbled forth… you truly are a ‘soul infused’ avatar (smilesssss). Thank you for sharing your life and your ‘life blood’ evidenced by your many beautifully rendered projects in print, word and video. BTW, if ever you should need me to drop another little ‘present’ on the doorstep of a not-so-friendly gal or gent – just holler “Let’s RIDE!” (OMG, the adventures will live forever, lol).


    • haha Sis, I have found, that some here deserve praise and honor, and others a hot steaming pile of horse manure..I think we have seen both kinds, in our time together and paid them off respectively :):) Well you know as well as I, that you have been such a force in my SL..Your advice, your wisdom, and your unconditional love, has truly affected me and moved me. We comforted, consoled, rejoiced, and took vengeance (haha) in solidarity and high hilarity and so much more in almost 4 years of sharing our virtual friendship and making our family time- proof and lasting. Here’s to four more..and may we always be as strong and close as we are this very minute:)


  8. Menubar says:

    Great nostalgia! Happy Rez day, buuuuudeh!


  9. Buddeh!!! We have our own anniversary coming up soon..Sometime early next year..2 Years of non stop video watching every night, rain or shine.. omg addicted much?? Hugs Buddy:):)


  10. happy anniversary karima


  11. Tysun says:

    The first time i met you was after chasing your friend all over the grid to get a date. I was enticing her to my sim with things like ferry wheels and putting out things to get her to come over. She invited me to come to your place to ride a bull that she said she could ride better than i could. And dang it she was right. laffssss

    I remember your parties with your close friends and fun at your place. Now we are in our fourth year as friends. Its been a beautiful ride and adventure for me; this thing we call Second Life. I’m still chasing your friend but now she is my SL wife and we are having a ball together. I enjoy your voice when you read your poems. Your voice relaxes me and allows me to enjoy your poems even more than just reading them. Thanks for being my friend.


  12. Smiling big.. oh yes Tysun I remember it all..and oh it doesn’t seem like it could be almost 4 years wow!! I guess in metaverse years ..that could be what? 28 years?? although I bet metaverse life is even faster than a dog’s life so hard to say..but yes it seems like we have known each other for a long long time and you and Diz have been married a few centuries I think in historical time.. Great being your friend too and I so appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment. I am very happy my poetry and my readings can touch you too..You are a cherished and totally cool bro-in-law..Here’s to many many more SL years


  13. Thirza Ember says:

    congratulations, Karima, and much love.


  14. Aww thank you Thirza..you are a special heart:)


  15. Love the newbie photo!!! Thanks for sharing this with us, glad to be a “tiny” part of your sl 😉


    • ahh “oing” you most certainly are a tiny part (even on my profile picture hehe) and my first spontaneous circle flamenco dance was with you (for your show) at Zachh’s and all the art patrons.*smiles..will never forget that.. and that was just the beginning……:) Thank you for commenting and yes… it took me a few days to take a photo from in front..ohh the mysteries of the camera wheel had not yet revealed themselves to me…the noobie


  16. missy rothmanay says:

    Hello beautiful girl. Yes you are marking this anniversary and so it should be marked as we all count our blessings (sometimes when i count my blessings I count you twice as some anon said). You stir so much in us and awaken things that have been quiet for many winters and yet you make the bear yawn and stretch and want to taste sweet berries .

    I tried to recall my earliest memory of you and came back with such nostalgia. It was a time I was in confusion as I sat in your sim and dangled my legs over your deck and listened to the sounds of your waters lapping all around. You came to greet me and invited me to dance with you which we did. Watching you spin and flip your heels high with a tambourine woven in colourful ribbons lifted me immediately. The words you spoke and that poem you picked to share .. perfectly plucked for the occasion.

    And so as the time has passed I have always felt this way about you… just like a warm hearth of a fire, you allow us in and share all you have. I rub my belly contently and say to you thank you for the feasts.


    • Hello beautiful Missy..
      how I enjoyed reading your comment and traveling back with you hand in hand down memory lane of earlier days of LINC, where I discovered you one night, a beautiful but sad heart who it was so easy to connect with. Then soon after we learned to laugh and our solid and wonderful virtual friendship took off and never flew away.. Time passes but we can connect again in one second..Your great simpatico triumvirate from down under have brought me so much joy..and I PROMISE this holiday season will not pass before I get you all drunk on a couple of bottles of fish nog:):) I have explored with you, looked out in the audience and seen you attentive and so loyally at my readings..just had silly times and of course EID tradition:) You are also one of the gems I wasn’t looking for..that was dropped right on my path by “you know Who” 🙂
      Thank you..and big hugs and the warmest of wishes and here’s to many more years to
      come.. Thank you for all your support, your gifts (oh my your BOOKS you labored on for me) You know I am including Miss Sanne and Stress in this wish too..I hope to see you much more in the New Year..and just glow in the presence of your (pl) genuine warmth:)


  17. Hoyt Heron says:

    You are one of the best and brightest Second Life has to offer. I have said it many times. You are the spokesperson for many of us in both lives. Through your poems, commentaries, and your films you articulate the human spirit in a way few have been able to.. I am, as always…Forever impressed. Thank you!


    • Sending some big smiles your way Hoyt, and appreciations for this sweet comment you dropped on my doorstep when I wasn’t looking. Well I have so much fun sharing these things too, and of course love to know that people are enjoying them ..and you always let me know..Your words and your encouragement, as you know, mean so much to me. You are my best..of the best..of the best


  18. Gerard laasonen says:

    I know it has been a while, but sometimes you find the most precious gems in your basement. I did find this gem in the basement of my e-mail account.

    I am so happy to be part of your world.


  19. Ohhh Gerard what a wonderful surprise to come across your comment..Yes this is in the basement of my blog(the dusty archives) but I am so happy you stumbled upon it and left me your warm comment. I am too happy that our friendship has stayed alive and always eager to communicate. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this for me to find:)


  20. Reblogged this on Digital Rabbit Hole and commented:

    Now, December 26th, it will be six years, that Karima was sitting, reading in her garden……read on


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