Time seems to have flown by again, and I haven’t shared anything new since I said I was almost finished with my new world on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, “Sebgram X-99.” I named this planet after my nephew who is a total cool geek by the name of Sebi, and just graduated from high school, so… I made a planet for him…sort of for- the- graduate- who has -everything- kind of gift.
I have recently joined the Machinima Artist Guild,(MAG) and the first thing of course I realized, is how little I know, and the pretty poor quality of my machinima I have been offering to you, my readers, for the last ten months. As I am a poet first, and a  machinima techy second, I didn’t have any idea what I didn’t know, but sharing a few of my videos, some of the recent ones and a few from “The Two,” I am becoming aware that there are so many little details into making what can be termed an excellent machinima of high quality.. I am still not at their level, but perhaps what I lack in training, I can compensate in creativity. This video was shot on both my sim in Second Life and on my world in Kitely. The music once again, is my original Garage Band creation. This is my fifth world there by the way, and although I still don’t consider myself a builder, I have put together a selection of worlds now, each with its own feeling. I think that sums me up in general. I am more about feeling, and less about right angles, but I also realize how those grids, some good tools of the trade, savvay, and tricks, add up to a better build,  or a better video for the audience to enjoy. For now..I give you my latest YouTube, imperfect as it is, but I tried to shoot in a wider lens with better quality as I have been encouraged to do. I made this with lots of love, a lot of editing, and a lot of time building the sets from scratch. Enjoy!!

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16 Responses to “Alien-Nation”

  1. jan says:

    Well, Karima, of course you keep getting better and better…expanding at breakneck speed! I run out of superlatives for you. This one is bizarre and deep and wildly weird…i loved the music…the visuals and video were smashing…the words about the heart, love, and how it is filled with weather of all kinds… this poem takes us to a particularly poignant moment…and always i love
    Karimas voice and all its variations.
    You are just brilliant my friend…and i know for a fact you do not ever use enhancing drugs( which to me is surprising given the way out there character of your expressions )…this all come from YOU…well, with a lil help from an inspired relentless Muse. Beautiful weird worlds of color, form, texture, movement, music, and intriguing mystery…..beckon anyone who enters, to partake of a totally unique experience…


  2. aww jan, you made me smile a lot with this comment..No..no extra drugs just the kind the mind produces when it is inspired and I know you know what I am referring to:) Who knows where any of this comes from, but I just hug my muse and hope she stays close..and surreal as she has been. I had so much fun creating this world too, and then the frosting on that cake, is being able to make a video that others do delight in ..You always make me feel that, and although I have so much to learn, I enjoy that process too, and hopefully will get better in all the areas, as I learn the tech stuff along with the “let it flow” part. Thank you my friend, for appreciating the whole process and what gets produced at the end of it too. Your support makes me anxious to push envelopes, and always be brave enough to try new things. even in my “normal state’ with no other enhancers *smiles


  3. rag randt says:

    Great poem and machinima Karima. I love the play of alien and alienation and alien nation. I am sooo impressed on your improvisation and building textures. Remind me to ask you about those video images on prims. Keep it up! Yay.



    • Thanks RAG, I am so happy you enjoyed this wild romp on an alien landscape.. I will be happy to tell you the whole story on that..the video texturing was discovered by accident..a lucky accident that opened up many possibilities:) Thanks too for your encouragement my friend..


  4. happiness says:

    I totally second what Jan said and could not express my awe and admiration any better. This is hot hot hot, wild, evocative, and brilliantly engaging.. Bravo! Happiness


  5. Aww Happi thank you for that..It is a much different mood for sure, from my somber, nostalgic, musing, ones..It was time to kick out and get happily, “upbeatly” alienated 🙂 Thanks for leaving this sweet comment


  6. Yes, very nice Karima ! You know that I have complained that in the past your words have felt rushed – well this was much better I think – maybe you took my advice a little and slowed it down a bit. ? Anyway I especially enjoyed the audio effects, the alien sounds of the voices in parts. Yes the video textures looked very nice too (something I have been trying to play with as well, but without much luck yet….) Like everyone here, I am interested to see where your journey takes you. Inspiration for us all, yes.


  7. Smiles..actually I did think, “Emperor will no doubt approve of the pauses in my reading of the poem” Thanks for your great comment, and yes this is all such a learning process for me, so many factors as you know, to make a machinima “more worthy of being called entertaining.” I guess if we are not afraid to crash and burn (smiles) sometimes those chances pay off. I wasn’t sure how this would be received at all, but was happily surprised to see that it was. Thank you for turning me on to Electric Sheep.org Their wonderful fractals patterns, make incredible textures, and I am just beginning to learn more about how to do that..There are endless possibilities in this area,.. fun to share and compare notes on that sometime…


  8. Amazing. Zounds! She has stepped further into the ?????? The vocalizations are totally in keeping. the sweeping tracking shots are Classic Hollywood Cinema! The greats! and…so is Karima. She’s both the future and a wiley student of history. Yes-Alien-Nation is and will continue to be the big socialogical issue of the day. Who’s in charge? Who will win? Who will lose? And the answer is……the citizen of the future will lose. Unless we pay attention. And sieze the future for ourselves. That, I believe, is the message here. Alienation means death and loss and abandonment and chaos. That we cannot afford. Sieze the day…sieze the future. She has made it clear she is ready to bolt-to fly away. To be away from this maelstrom. and really bad behavior on the part of any lover/friend/acquiaintence If she is ignored or pushed aside or minimized or patronized. Beware to anyone who dared to try to own her. You’ll be lost in her contrail. Her askance looks are piercing and speak volumes. She has moved to higher energy levels and is merely being polite and informative. This is the steely lover/fighter of the future! Yes, she can love, yes, she can make babies….but do not **** with her. She can love and seriously mess with you! More like a romance novel of the future. A real one.

    For anyone not paying attention: you will face her. And she will not suffer fools lightly-as they say. I have no clue where Karima will go next. This is her drafting board-she will decide. I can see where the sweet transvestite of transylvania ala Rocky Horror would say “He’s shaking in anticipation” to find out. Where next???? Es un buen pregunta.(with apologies for my terrible Espanol) How creative!


  9. Wow…reading your words..I am almost “afraid of myself” the way you depict my character at least in the video.. smiling,
    “She has moved to higher energy levels and is merely being polite and informative. This is the steely lover/fighter of the future!’
    but…I also love your one-of-a-kind perspective in this alien theme..In some ways you too are from an alien planet, one that sings things at a much deeper depth than most of us do. What I really enjoy of our interactions too, is the fact that my poetry , or my prose, or a video, can set you off on this unique tangent that only you have, born from living much of your life, caught between two planes.. and then catapult your own writing into some form of very new (almost alien?) type of automatic..writing or direct channeling.. and when this happens, your words flow out so smoothly , whole paragraphs born in one flash, and many times, your observations have incredible insight (at times beyond what you could possibly know) from reading or watching something I have created.. So…I will say no more..You know how much your uncommon and rare comments mean to me.Thank you for them Tube, for following so closely, all that I have made and shared..and for your unprecedented guidance, and support.


  10. Just listened to the poem… I will lsten and look again this evening. The words and images seem to enhance eachother… and raise an atmosphere that fits..


  11. Hoyt Heron says:

    You’ve done it again! Delightful the way you evoke more media genres to bring us your insightful writing. The filming and music are great! I know you might say, “I don’t know where this comes from.” Or, “I just got lucky.” These humble platitudes don’t get with me. There is no way around it…Your creativity is unparalleled. You are unique. One cannot continue to produce, and conceive the way you do by magic. The same as one would not get mauled by a polar bear and a grizzly bear in the same day. “Lucky?” Let me put on my shocked face! Keep up the great work. You are a treasure trove.


  12. Oh I am laughing so hard Hoyt.. and I think I need to put the YouTube URL here too, so people know what “mauled by a polar bear and a grizzly bear in the same day” could even mean *smiles..
    (watch this if curious please- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqVBKO_QM3o) Thank you once again for your superlatives, and your obvious enjoyment of what it is I do. Believe me, and I think this is probably true about anyone who creates out of their imagination, ownership is very hard to claim once it’s done.,there is a feeling of cool distance, between the creator and the creation, sort of a like a weaned puppy, the mother is no longer tied to it anymore. It stands on its own, and the mother forgets the birth and the nursing..hard to describe, but that amnesia is what comes over me, every time I write or in this case capture something.., so that truly, and it is not at all false modesty, really (to quote you again) “I don’t know where this comes from.” I loved this comment, your support is an essential part of the process..


  13. joyce says:

    W.O.W!!!!!….What THEY said! Am totally gobsmacked! And am wondering if anyone ELSE saw the licorice alsorts in ‘alienation’…?


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