Surfacing To Grab A Breath

Happy New Year and hoping this will be a really great one and not the End some are predicting.. I am just naturally a more positive person and I think and feel that 2012 might be a lot better for all of us…in all ways, and I believe we will all live to celebrate a 2013 too.
I have been slightly absent again, because I am stuck out in the wilds of Kitely building a strange world that I will use for my next machinima poem. I am calling it “Beyond Sebgram X-99 and yes it is an alien landscape and sort of a poetic- adventure world. The building of the world which turns out in the end to be the sets for the film, is what takes the most time..but I think in a few days it might be ready. It is available to see under construction now as it is, and anyone is welcome to come check it out, although for it to make any sense you need to be able to see video and music streaming automatically. I have created a new “look” for this world too, and I give instructional 1 minute videos inside the world as to how to enjoy and also how not to be killed or maimed on Sebgram X-99 (or beyond) here is a picture of my character in hopefully if you all follow her instructions, you can reach this state too *smiles. Come visit soon..take a chance and if you have never gone into Kitely, well try it, and come see what I am working on and take the “tour.”  “Beyond Sebgram X-99”

Bliss..even the ground is happy and moves

And then..when I can extricate myself from the moving plains of Sebgram, I find myself once again staying up too late for Tukso…and I just can’t help myself. I shot this photo, and thought it cool enough to share. So..please be a little patient and I hope to have a nice machinima/poem production sometime in the next week. Until then, enjoy the beginnings of a new year and think positively..2012 is going to be a winner and we are too!!

Tukso (our Red Hot Papa) Padula,Kari & Kiki (front row center) at dinah moez

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