Pirats Closing?…..What Next? A Sad Day For The SL Art Community

If you have read my blog before, you know, I usually focus on the creative side of Second Life,and I am not politically involved for or against Linden Labs policies, although of course I hold my opinions, that lately, and sad to say, they are convincing me more each day, that what they are doing is slowly  torturing and killing their own golden goose.They are taking away from us, what is the only thing Second Life can offer over the many, and more each day, alternative worlds springing up: Community. While they weren’t even looking we built a community. This is what Second Life still, at this moment has over the others, their edge so to speak. I say for the moment, because if they continue with their policies that really are beginning to seem like, Anti-Education, Anti-Art, and anti-Resident interests, they will most surely lose that edge to other worlds who are already more receptive to the idea of Art and Community (Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand is a good example) Do they really think that we would rather play mindless find- the- jewel games, than enjoy an international gathering of artists and art lovers, which was always a delight to attend at Pirats? Even with the lag, and the crowds, there was excitement, and integrity, and inter-nationality at its best. Translators whizzing in many different languages, Art from all over the globe, showcased, presented so well, with respect and good taste each and every time.
If it’s true I am not a visual artist, nor am I a big social butterfly in large gatherings, but I promise you, I was inspired many times, and some of my best writing came from going to a show at Pirats, and falling in love with a painting, buying it, taking it home, and looking into it, until the words flowed out of me. Artists like ieko Catnap, Chrome Underwood, Claudia222 Jewell, Fiona Leitner, Scottius Polke, Geneveive Silvercloud, Littleone Aries and many others, came into my life, my home through the open doors of Pirats. That they are now forced to shut them do to some arbitrary decision- making on the part of Linden Labs, who seem to only be interested in subsidizing “their own” Art sims..well what about a LEA grant for Pirats?
The cost of keeping a full sim up and running every month is $295.00USD!! If any of you have window- shopped, you know that this price, is the highest tier on any virtual world available, yet most of us stay in Second Life..because of places like Pirats that now are being shut down. I strongly believe in the petition that is circulating on the web and in- world. I offer this humble post as the testimony of yet one more person in favor of Linden Labs stepping in directly, and giving Pirats their own sim, so we can continue to dream, be inspired, and be connected in the atmosphere of Art, Elegance, and Friendship that Pirats has offered to and represented our Sl Artistic community. In solidarity with all who have worked so hard, I give you now where you can go online to sign this petition and also a copy of a note-card that you can use in-world to make your own, sign it and send it to Asmita Duranjaya.

Petition To Save Pirats

Notecard to be copied, signed and sent to Asmita

We, all the signing artists, who had the pleasure to show our work in one of the PiRats galleries, confirm hereby, that PiRats is one of the best organized and well structured art network in Second Life, that we would not like to miss in the future. We apply all, to allocate one LEA sim for PiRats, to ensure the continuity of Nathalie’s (Merlina) and Jean-Marc’s (Newbab) work for more than 250 artists in Second Life and more than 1400 group members as well as those, who will join in the future. Please sign this manifest with your name and give it to every artist and art aficionado in Second Life and everybody should send it back to me with his signature until 1st of February.
Asmita Duranjaya  (independent artist)

I urge everyone who cares about Pirats, to please show it, by signing these two petitions.

Thank you,
In Peace,

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7 Responses to Pirats Closing?…..What Next? A Sad Day For The SL Art Community

  1. I will include a follow -up comment from Merlina Rokococo Co-founder of PiRats

    “Your mobilization allows us to be optimistic. Indeed, the crowdfunding and inworld donations progressing well. We will very soon pay a portion of the amount due to Linden Lab.

    As for the future and the presence of PiRats in Second Life, we can say today that they are no longer in doubt, since we are studying offers of sponsorship and partnership that should result in the coming days.

    You all know that the PiRats organization never made concessions on the idea about promoting the arts. All future choices will be done only with the guarantee as PiRats keeps its indepency in its way of working and in the sole interest of art and artists.”


  2. happiness says:

    Bravo, Kari! There are times when nothing will do but to speak up!!! Hugs, AJN


  3. Kyoko says:

    Again the artists of the world are left to justify their own existence, to support their own community. Why do so many devalue art and treat it as something non-essential? The deplorable lack of funding in the real world for the arts speaks to this. Even an artist once said to me, “Well we artists do not have that important a role in today’s world.” Wrong!! The role of the artist is to provoke discussion and thought about the human condition and to be the catalyst for change. But more importantly it feeds our souls, even the souls of those who do not see its value.


  4. Ohh so very well put Kyoko..in world..out world..the role of artist unfortunately as been so under appreciated unless we speak of ones who “made it” who then fly to the opposite end of the spectrum and become over-valued. Thanks you for your excellent commentary and for reading this post.


  5. Ron/Tubeguy says:

    All artists need to be supported and encouraged. Especially in SL and all cutting edge creative works. Musicians, poets, digital artists, Everyone with a new idea and the courage to explore. Much good will happen as a result of all this cross-fertilization of ideas….imagery… These transcend countries, politics, governments, philosophies, religions, and so on. This is the incubator of the future. I would appeal to LL to reconsider and at least…..give them a break. And the rest of us…..support as we each can. Artists reflect the very best of all our combined cultures. This is our future and it belongs to all! Not just the money men with excessive reach and power….


  6. Thank you Tube for your eloquent comment on the subject..You always have the gift of seeing with a broad expanse and vision. Well as Kyoko put it, it always comes down to we the community sticking up for the community.It is very doubtful LL will do anything to make it easier, but Art lives and so does PiRats because of the overwhelming support they have received and should receive more in their drive for funds that will save their existence. I will add some of the latest ongoing events below., for the date of this comment.Thank you again for reading and supporting the stand I too on this Tube..

    Pirats website : – http://www.pirats-art-network.org

    Pirats crowdfunding : http://www.indiegogo.com/Pirats-Art-Network-Project?a=402327

    You can also give donations in Tip Jars at various in-world locations.


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