Karima@ “Ce Soir Arts” ~ Wednesdy, February 8th 11amslt ~

A brand new venue for me and I am very excited!

I cordially invite you to my next reading on Wednesday February 8th at 11am slt.
After coming to the last one I did on Costa Rica Sims, Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford owner along with her partner, Aeon Woodford, of “Ce Soir Arts” (Tonight Arts) invited me to do a reading at their place. This is a new venue in Sl that is dedicating itself to promote the Arts in all forms, and I am so honored and excited about performing there this Wednesday. I first was introduced to “Ce Soir Arts: when I went to a Tukso concert there, and was impressed with the beautiful surroundings, and the love of detail and ambiance.
I quote Mireille here, to share a few things  she says about their “Ce Soir Arts”

“Ce Soir is our new home, and a music and arts venue bearing the same name opened above in January 2012. It is our dream to invite wonderful musicians, vocalists, writers, and artists of every genre to join us for sharing and performance.”

“The venue has as its underlying theme, “Les Mystères des Ténèbres et de la Lumière” – “the mysteries of darkness and light.” This is portrayed by the grey base of the décor and reflected in the plantings and thematic representations found around the grounds. Visitors are to be encouraged to travel about and enjoy several little nooks with dancing (DMC Intan system) and other sweet animations (from some of the premier animators in SL) for singles and couples – and to enjoy the darkness and the light that emanate (as if by magic)  from the area, especially in the midnight hour. “

That does sound like it’s worth exploring, hopefully with a loving friend to share it with.
I have a special place in my heart, for sim owners who believe in and actively promote the Arts in Second Life. I am proud to say I have read at many of these venues, and the warmth and welcoming manner of the owners of “Ce Soir Arts’ makes me believe this venue will become very popular for performing artists as well as their audiences. Thank you Mireille and Aeon for creating your lovely world.
 All are cordially invited Wednesday, where I will be doing a new poem, yet to be performed, and a collection of some of people’s favorite ones from the past, that I hope all will enjoy.

I look forward to reading for you, to my music on stream with  selected imagery, in this beautiful, peaceful, romantic setting.
Here is your taxi for “Ce Soir Arts”
Don’t miss this one, if you can help it!

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2 Responses to Karima@ “Ce Soir Arts” ~ Wednesdy, February 8th 11amslt ~

  1. Padula Bing says:

    A lovely post, Kari. I look forward to assisting you with your debut at the enchanting Ce Soir!


  2. Aww thank you for you comment Padula..I certainly couldn’t do it without you! Yes this sim looks so wonderful..I am very excited about performing there..


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