“Dinner For Two”

“…soul-mates out to dine on just each others’ artsy passions…”

I invite you to listen to my reciting of this poem,  from a live reading at Tropical Reflections Costa Rica Feb. 23rd. Just Click on the link below:

“Dinner For Two” Live Recording

Dinner For Two
for D.

Maybe it is not my place to feel what I am feeling,
to twist and stretch a little room where nothing does nor can exist
into a banquet hall  of fantasy.
Soul-mates out to dine on just each others’ artsy passions, and obsessions,
that make their eyes glow bright gazing over candlelight
that makes the Time lie still and wait like silver placed next to their plates,
to be picked up and then put down while color is served in twelve  ascending courses, and waiters are flowing and never cease changing
the table decorations and decor

I know it is a lot to ask,
that Time rewrite  the scripts already served and eaten in the past
the sickness and the crippling, the waning and the laming,
the unrecoverable damaged goods left at both our doors.

But I have fought for what my heart decries,
and I have had the patience of a mounted saint,
standing still upon her steed, now poised,
ready to storm the gates of propriety and go beyond all logic
and all reason,
there is a time to act for every season,
and I see winter comes upon us so voraciously.

It’s love that bursts inside my chambers, and makes my heart grow larger
than it’s supposed to grow,

 It’s love that makes me throw all caution out the door,
and standing now on top the tablecloth,
I am the centerpiece of it,
I am the crystal flower bowl of  Love.
I am the foolish girl who loves beyond her reach,
who loves the brilliant and the futile,
who loves with depth,
and who loves you,
and all your Art that she can ea

Karima Hoisan
October 31, 2011
LINC Island, SL

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2 Responses to “Dinner For Two”

  1. Hoyt Heron says:

    A very thought provoking piece!
    This dinner sounds delightful, while at the same time very esoteric. Would it not be amazing to be able to witness selective talents, great minds and artists dining together. The proverbial fly on the wall would see the likes of……
    Steve Jobs and A Graham Bell
    Renoir and Vinnie Van Gogh
    Neruda and Emerson
    Ghandi and Dr. King
    Steinbeck and Tolstoy
    Ella Fizgerald and Billie Holiday
    Madonna and Elvis
    Lawrence Olivia and Merle Streep
    Jan Betts and Claude Monet
    Karima Hoisan and Emily Dickenson
    The list could be long and quite interesting.
    Hoyt Heron and ………


    • Thank you Hoyt:) I think your comment was even more thought provoking.. but I would certainly prepare another place for you so we could both pick Emily’s masterful poetic brain… big smiles


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