Karima @ Poetry Reflections ~ Costa Rica Sims of Dream Seeker Estates ~ 1PMSLT~ Thursday~ March 29th

I want to thank my machinimatographer friend, Natascha Randt, for taking this surprise footage of my last reading on Costa Rica Sims at my monthly poetry performance at the beautifully ornate Arabic salon,  that was built for this purpose.
I think a movie is worth maybe a thousand words times two, so I will just put it up and invite you all, those who come regularly, and maybe those who have just fallen on my page, because fate dropped you here today, to come join me this coming Thursday at 1pmslt. As you can see some of the audience did get into traditional Arab dress, so please if you feel so inclined, (but no obligation) do ransack your inventories and come up with something gorgeous and in theme. I promise to put my all into this reading, as I do every one, and I hope you will feel you were entertained royally, as if you were visiting desert Kings and Queens from neighboring lands. So I present the little movie that Natascha made, with her own special perspective, and hope you will admire the ceiling as well as the rest of the decor, along with come clips of my reading. Below the machinima, I will include the LM for the luxury camel caravan that will drop you at the door, at Poetry Reflections~Costa Rica Sims at Dream Seeker Estates.

Poetry Reflections Slurl to get you there. Hope to see you Thursday!!

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5 Responses to Karima @ Poetry Reflections ~ Costa Rica Sims of Dream Seeker Estates ~ 1PMSLT~ Thursday~ March 29th

  1. Natascha Randt says:

    Thankies, Karima:)


  2. Bryan V. McDonald says:

    When one listens and hears they certainly must experience that which encompasses her spirit. Her very words drove me to write a short poem of the light that exudes from that spirit. So I dedicate these words to that light.

    Karima’s Light

    Galactic mists swirling to and fro,
    Caressing her body so lightly.
    Black eyes searching where to go.
    She stretched her gossamer wings.

    Beneath the shimmering light
    Of Romulus Fives three moons
    Her slivery shiny gossamer wings
    Lifted her softly into the night.

    Moving ever so slightly,
    Toward only she knows;
    The higher she went
    The faster she seemed go.

    Past the three moons
    She did swiftly fly,
    So far up now
    Just a spec in the mind’s eye.

    Floating so gracefully on high,
    Those shimmering lace like wings
    Are driven on, so gently it seems
    By the gentle galactic winds.

    Passing first the outer orbits
    High above the Alpha Centuri hills
    And then further beyond,
    The great oceans of Antares.

    She gently approaches
    A small blue green shore,
    And soon she touches
    Firm land once more.

    The ages have passed
    Yet new were they here.
    On an unknown island land
    She now did appear.

    Dark was this land
    Till she touched its shore
    Now brightness abounds
    This land evermore

    Sitting here today
    I tell you this tale.
    Under this great oak tree
    Bathed in her bright warm light.

    Her name was Karima
    And brightness she brought.
    Upon silvery gossamer wings
    Driven by soft galactic winds.


  3. It’s a rare day that someone writes a poem for me, and I was honored and surprised in the nicest of ways when you sent this to me. I modestly say I enjoy how you weave the light into the poem, the light that initially shined from Noor’s name (Noor meaning light) and had me carry it out through the universe until touching back down onto a blue green shore. I have decided to re-post your poem and comment on this post, the one with the video of “Her Name Was Noor,” see: https://karimahoisan.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/reflecting-on-poetry-reflections-tears-that-turned-to-belly-dancing/#comment-1208 and will also include my reply there again too. I think one of the biggest compliments and gifts a poet can receive are the sincere words of another like-minded soul, a poet too who, inspired by her words, takes off into his own journey, carrying her name and her words, even higher than she could ever imagine. Thank you Bryan for taking the time, and for sending me this beautifully written tribute. I will cherish it.
    in peace,


  4. Paul says:

    Hola sis you still doing the poetry somewhere else now that CRS is gone?


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