Reflecting On Poetry Reflections ~ Tears That Turned To Belly Dancing ~

The Poetry Salon on Costa Rica Sims March 29th Reading
Photo by Lawrence Pierce (Seaking Serenity)

I decided to make a new post today about an event celebrated yesterday, March 29th, something I rarely do, but I felt I wanted to share with those who could not come, as well as those who did, the photos and a very meaningful video gifted to me, all shot at this rather special poetry reading.
For me personally, every reading has a different mood, and I walk away from them when they are over, physically exhausted and mentally too at times, or exhilarated and full of a nameless joy. From this reading, yesterday, I walked away with all the above feelings, and maybe a few more, as it was a magical combination, of venue, wardrobe (people dressed so beautifully) music, moment, and connection of the audience to my words, and visa versa. Sometimes there is just a magical spirit, that blows around a room, and everyone inside feels it, perceiving it in their own way, yet collectively the results can be seen and heard. I read in chat, tears from the audience, just as I too was letting them fall. I read deep recognition and feelings that I too was feeling about the last poem, “Her Name Was Noor” and if it is true it brought sadness , it also bought those deep human emotions out that we share, sometimes not even knowing we share them. There are times when the collective releasing of those emotions, brings renewed  desires to “live,” so after the reading was over, Mariella asked me if I could put some more music on and invite those who were still there, sort of lingering, to a belly dance.
Of course I said “Yes”
I will share these pictures at the end of this post as they portray the moment of grace and release after a long, very emotional at times reading, culminating in this poem, the last poem, I will share with you now. I want to thank Nat, once again for being at my reading, filming this poem, and editing it so beautifully.
For me she captured it all so well, the colors, the ambiance and the flow and feeling of the poem. Please enjoy my live reading at Poetry Reflections yesterday of “Her Name Was Noor” filmed by my friend and excellent, machinima maker Natascha Randt.

Then Nat surprised me with our belly dance caught by her hidden camera. She has a steady hand, even when she is gracefully waving it around in the air.

I wish to thank my talented and beautiful assistant, Clytemnestra, who is keeper and turner of the images I use behind me, and who sent me some of these awesome photos that I will share below. I also would like to thank Lawrence Pierce who came to my reading and took some excellent wide-screen shots, one of which heads this post, and to Beeflin Grut whose photos also appear below. Photos capture memories, and I am so grateful to those who had a presence of mind to take some yesterday, when tears turned into belly dancing, a collective, spontaneous moment that I will always remember.

"Let The Dance Begin..." photo by Clytemnestra

Color, costumes, and good dance moves- photo by Clytemnestra

Mouse-Eye View by Beeflin Grut

Men and women alike got up to dance.. photo by Clytemnestra

sharing the joy after the tears photo by Beeflin Grut

The Arabic Salon reeled in North African beats - photo by Clytemnestra

Spontaneous gyrating combustion _ photo by Clytemnestra

Hoyt Heron and Beeflin Grut strut their stuff -photo by Clytemnestra

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14 Responses to Reflecting On Poetry Reflections ~ Tears That Turned To Belly Dancing ~

  1. It appears a wonderful evening had by all. Wish I had been there with you all.

    The filming above is top notch truly is.


  2. Aww thank you Missy. I would have loved you to be there, and hope you can catch next month’s. Yes Natascha did a great job of filming the varied moods..


  3. Torben Mølgaard-Andersen says:

    This was a magic night. Poetry that moves you is seldom on SL, but the story of Noor really gets to you. I painted the sniper, but your words has made him 3 dimensional. It’s as if the painting has it’s own life now and like someone else has painted him. Strange feeling. I enjoyed the jazzy poem and your dog-poem too. Great to hear you in that mood too. You got rhythm!…magic night…..magic night…..


  4. Natascha Randt says:

    Thank you very much, Karima 🙂 It was a very very impressive performance and
    I want to catch the feeling of a live performance and on the other hand, I want to show a bit of what I felt listening to the words of “Her Name was Noor”


  5. Sigfred, how happy I was, when I looked up and saw you in the audience across from me! Noor was written a year ago almost to the day, and fate always crossed us, and you could never be at a Live performance. As I have done this one only a few times live (I think this was my third) I thought you might never hear it live. In many ways, I objectively see Noor as one of my most emotional and impacting poems, and as always, I take it back to the source, your “shocking” portrait of a faceless, name less war machine..who somewhere later on, might grasp the reality of what he has done, and not be able to live with himself..There is such a poignant tilt to his head.. like maybe he too is yet another victim..If there is no War, there are no sides to be chosen..simple as that.. Thank you for creating that Sniper, the inspiration for it all…,


  6. Oh Nat, as I will repeat what I said on M.A.G. This gift you have given me means so much.
    I am so honored and feel blessed that you recorded this. I know that Sigfred Rodenberger, the artist who painted “Sniper” will also feel so honored, as it was his painting that inspired me to write the poem. Many times I have thought if I could make a machinima out of Noor and I felt I couldn’t, as I didn’t want a “re-enactment” of the poem.. but you captured the feeling, the painting,the poem and my feelings about it, in this reading. I do not do it often, I feel it too deeply, but it seemed fitting in this beautiful venue, and how lucky for me, that you were there to capture it. Thank-yous seem very understated, just know how much this means to me, to have it, and to be able to share it with all. Thank you for this gift that I will always treasure. Also the belly dancing add-on was a nice surprise too:) You captured a lot of different emotions and moods in those two videos . They both will help me remember, on so many levels this magical event


  7. Steve Rogers says:

    My heart was in my mouth as I wondered whether Karima could complete her reading. She really walked the edge between performance and reality at this gig. It’s good to hear sincerity like that – I’m sure it makes a difference, not holding back or disguising one’s messages.


  8. Thank you Steve for being there and for leaving me this comment..I think that same thought crossed my mind too,(“whether Karima could complete her reading”) but I just tried to keep my focus and take it to the end.. I have the same problem with “Whale Song” and it seems even with time, it still is not easy to do either of these, as I feel so strongly about them both. You are right, it is an edge a poet must walk at times, and really I think Life Is the great performance..When we portray it in poetry, sharing our poetry, we are only fragile mirrors for the real performance,…and sometimes we break..


  9. jan says:

    I so enjoyed this post Karima…what a magical night, in such a magnificent setting. As usual you reach right into the depths of of your listeners… and then, after such a journey of meaning … belly dancing! What a beautiful gathering, all of whom experienced a full range of emotions coming from your soul through your beautiful poetry…captured in such a wonderful video by your talented friend….. Karima you continue to charm us all. Thank you to you both.


    • Thank you so much Jan, and I am glad you could catch a glimpse of it by seeing the video that was made. Yes tears really did dry by moving our hips and hands! Amazing how wonderful that felt too…I will be forever in debt with Nat for capturing both of these moments so beautifully..


  10. RAG Randt says:

    Very touching poem from a very touching artwork. Peace.



  11. Thank you RAG for stopping by and leaving your comment. I am glad you enjoyed this video version of Noor..


  12. I have taken the liberty to copy Byran’s poem here as it was also written for the reading of this poem, but posted under the original post I had written announcing this reading. I wish to add it all to the comments of that very special day
    Bryan V. McDonald says:
    April 11, 2012 at 4:22 pm (Edit)

    When one listens and hears they certainly must experience that which encompasses her spirit. Her very words drove me to write a short poem of the light that exudes from that spirit. So I dedicate these words to that light.

    Karima’s Light

    Galactic mists swirling to and fro,
    Caressing her body so lightly.
    Black eyes searching where to go.
    She stretched her gossamer wings.

    Beneath the shimmering light
    Of Romulus Fives three moons
    Her slivery shiny gossamer wings
    Lifted her softly into the night.

    Moving ever so slightly,
    Toward only she knows;
    The higher she went
    The faster she seemed go.

    Past the three moons
    She did swiftly fly,
    So far up now
    Just a spec in the mind’s eye.

    Floating so gracefully on high,
    Those shimmering lace like wings
    Are driven on, so gently it seems
    By the gentle galactic winds.

    Passing first the outer orbits
    High above the Alpha Centuri hills
    And then further beyond,
    The great oceans of Antares.

    She gently approaches
    A small blue green shore,
    And soon she touches
    Firm land once more.

    The ages have passed
    Yet new were they here.
    On an unknown island land
    She now did appear.

    Dark was this land
    Till she touched its shore
    Now brightness abounds
    This land evermore

    Sitting here today
    I tell you this tale.
    Under this great oak tree
    Bathed in her bright warm light.

    Her name was Karima
    And brightness she brought.
    Upon silvery gossamer wings
    Driven by soft galactic winds.


  13. It’s a rare day that someone writes a poem for me, and I was honored and surprised in the nicest of ways when you sent this to me. I modestly say I enjoy how you weave the light into the poem, the light that initially shined from Noor’s name (Noor meaning light) and had me carry it out through the universe until touching back down onto a blue green shore. I have decided to re-post your poem and comment on this post, the one with the video of “Her Name Was Noor,” see: and will also include my reply there again too. I think one of the biggest compliments and gifts a poet can receive are the sincere words of another like-minded soul, a poet too who, inspired by her words, takes off into his own journey, carrying her name and her words, even higher than she could ever imagine. Thank you Bryan for taking the time, and for sending me this beautifully written tribute. I will cherish it.
    in peace,


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