Memorial To My Delusion

I invite you to listen to my recording of this poem. I wrote the music too and it is to be performed live at my next reading. It is more of a listening piece than a reading one, so I have decided to not post the words yet, as I am hoping you will take the time (about 4 minutes) to hear it read over the music that was composed for it…and Enjoy!!
Just click on the .mp3 link below to hear it:

“Memorial To My Delusion” music and words by Karima Hoisan.mp3

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14 Responses to Memorial To My Delusion

  1. Alex Noble says:

    Just about as perfect as it could be. Memorial to delusion, indeed! I love the way you have used repetitions of phrases again and again, and your imagery is ideal for this thing that we do, of picking out the pieces we want to use to create our “ideal” situation, when in actuality it is not real at all, and yet we try. Superb! I am inspired. Hope you will post this on Cowbird! And you can post the music as well. Then, I can ‘sprout’ a story from it! Ten stars! Much love, H.


  2. Thank you Alex. so much for leaving your comment.This one flowed out of me, music first and then the words..a true catharsis, and now I weigh 10 pounds less:) and can fly again…big hugs and much appreciation..


  3. jan says:

    I love this one Karima! Brilliant in how it takes us on a sad deep journey into the realm of the human heart, and the ever present mind to distract, complicate, delude and keep our True Sight from Knowing…. what is true and what is not? Our True Hearts from shining. The shards and colored stones… so pretty, and we make each one sacred… validating and feeding the delusion.
    The sometimes brilliantly attired, highly intelligent “beast” within us… that needs us to stay lost in our delusions.
    All the While the True Heart is ever present right at our very Source….once we stop feeding the beast.
    One more delusion revealed is one step closer to Truth.
    I love your profound voice, Karima….


    • Thank you Jan for listening and sharing your always clear and deep insights into so many of my poetic themes. I guess this one is a logical connection and next stage perhaps to “Love in a Mirror” Being a romantic,a poet, I think being lost in my own delusions is a natural state for me at times 🙂 almost a necessary one to create from too, and yet, the sad hard truth is we suffer for them too, because of them. We see and live what we wish to see..How difficult it is to just be honest with ourselves.. How fragile we are, and how afraid to see our hopes and wishes are very unrealistic..Even a rock foundation built upon the sand will cave and give way at sometime. Ahh thine own self be true!!


  4. Shesa Quandry says:

    We like to believe that we know when other deceive us, and often we can tell… because we have a healthy skepticism of others. But it is ourselves that we should be most leery of. We can convince ourselves of anything! Especially in matters of the heart… and once we do, even those who love us, those we SHOULD be listening to, can not sway us. You repeat each line, as any of us would, when we want to teach ourselves a lesson and never forget it.
    Dearest Karima, your heart is bigger than all outdoors. Never let the actions of others change that. It is a key part of what makes you so beautiful. Perhaps the lesson is… instead of colorful stones and glass… we build the nest more slowly… and carefully… with the twigs, bits of straw, and clay that others reveal to us in time. While not as pretty… a stronger nest, that will last the ages. Let the delusion go…. keep the rest. Its perfect, just the way it is. ;o)
    You wrote the music too! Hmmm… its hard to say if you are growing more talented… or just teasing us by revealing your gifts a little at a time. ;o)
    Hugs sweet friend,


    • Shesa, my dear friend, first I want to thank you for taking the time and the well-thought-out words chosen for this poem. I love what you point out about the building materials used..must certainly affect the outcome.. and Yes, I do repeat many lines for just that reason.. sort of rhythmically pounded them into my own head as well as the listener. Because we all know this, have done it, and yet are apt to repeat it all over again. Yes, to try to not be so attracted to “instant nest building”, like the crow drawn to the shiny and the quick and brilliant, the fire that bursts into flame, only to burn down too quickly etc etc. To learn to lay each layer on, with. bits of straw, and twigs and clay, is to construct a stronger nest, one that will last..not an abstract monument to beautiful colorful fantasy, that in the end, crumbles too quickly,, Smiles, yes this is my piece I wrote almost simultaneously with the poem. I am so pleased you liked it..I too like how the poem rides it pausing, although my friend Crap Mariner suggested, trying to recite it in one flow., instead of sort of read/singing it in paused phrases.,I might try that and see how it feels too. Big hugs to you Shesa, I so enjoyed your thoughts on it.


  5. daleinnis says:

    You wrote the music, too? That is Teh Awesome! I am going to have to collect all of the mp3s of you reading things, and put them into a Special iTunes Playlist. 🙂


  6. Yes I did write the music Dale..smiles all proudly:) I have been learning a bit more about Garage Band each time I attempt to. I used a few (3 I think) drum tracks, but the other tracks were varied instruments all played on my keypad..Violin, Blips, helium breaths organ, and even my voice modulated to sound like a man.. I loved putting this one together..Wow my own Playlist on your iTunes!! I am truly honored…Thank you so much for taking the time to comment..


  7. Natascha Randt says:

    Every day I wake up and say “whaaaat?” 🙂 Damn, thats a really great rythm Karima


  8. Yeahhhhhh…Been doing that a bit myself lately:) Glad you liked the music…feels like it might hypnotize me into another delusion:):)


  9. menubar says:

    Very nice rhythm Karima. Very reminiscent of the Beat Poets, like Ginsberg and Ken Nordine.


  10. Thanks MenuBar..I have been a bit possessed by strange poetic spirits lately crossing decades and styles, and who knows why? Glad you liked this rhythm


  11. Tube/Ron says:

    Beautiful. Painful. Rueful. Full of dashed hopes. All those brightly colored shards. Sparkling-yet pointed and hurtful somehow. Outside my window there are bushes full of birdsnests. I hear them talking-squaking, negotiating all day long. Birds nests are powerful, somehow, with hope and the promise of new life and new creation. Future magic. Tangled-yet always full of the future and goodness. I hear the bird parents fight and cajole and harang. All of this does hold the promise of life to come. Small, tiny. Fragile. but so full of life! When you spot a birds nest-bless it.Care for it. Ask for new life to explode within. It can. And many tiny shards can create gorgeous, timeless mosaics. Ask the early Saracens/Muslims who painted the world with tiny tiles and amazing colors. Behold Janus. Do you see the rueful face or the bright, hopeful face? Karima paints with bright emotion-drenched brushes. Look carefully. Both faces, both viewpoints are there. Always the sadness, the disappointment. Yet, always the hope. I’d bet on the hope! Janus is part of Karima’s secret. She sees both views. Sweet, painful, rich. Now go make yourself some nice tea. Well done, Karima.


  12. Thank you so much Tube for your comment, that always seems to find its own profound inspiration that you make me ponder. I love how we do that, just keep inspiring each other in abstract, philosophical layers that wind around endlessly, a poem of mine will set the course of your tangent, and you always take me on such an alternative journey,always another way of seeing what I wrote. As the ads say for MasterCard…”Priceless”


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