Underwater Love

I invite you to listen to a romantic and beautiful song by Amr Diab called 
“Te’dar Tetkalem” “You Can Speak For Yourself.”   Just Click the title link and enjoy!

“Bring the romance when you descend…”
“Underwater Love” by Isabel Hermano

“Underwater Love”

Inspired by the Iphoneography  “Underwater Love” by Isabel Hermano

“Bring the romance when you descend
the subtle seduction that ebbs and bends.
Held in your arms, your words and steps
have become my midnight sea,
and in the deep that you posses,
there sings a siren -song,
held in your arms, is where I long to be.
Show me how to breathe again in these sad waves of days,
I whisper rhythmically inside your ear.
Hold me up before I drown, then hold me down,
the water’s salting all around,
and no one anymore is what they seem to be.
The sting is in my eyes, and floods out in memories
when you trace my heart,
It pumps the air of life and hope is a returning boat
where we may recline in idyllic safety.
Just promise you will float back down when you think of me
My Underwater Love.

Trust me when I say I don’t want more,
than your hand upon my lower back.
dancing me along the ocean floor.
When I dove in, it was to never swim again.
I would not have thought to look for you
or anyone, the murky bottom seemed a righteous end.
Now, let the bubbles be our elevator,
un-sink a ship, and float a freighter,
all the baggage I threw overboard
has come back so hauntingly.
I’ve said before upon a different, foreign shore
I won’t repeat those scenes, I just won’t repeat those scenes.
My lips brush across your face,
and that which held no meaning,
becomes our watery sacred  place.
Submerge! This dance begins to swim away with us.
I don’t really care,
I welcome that the water now is everywhere.
Just promise you will float back down when you think of me,
My Underwater Love.

Karima Hoisan
May 9, 2012
Bay of Tranquility Linc Island SL

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7 Responses to Underwater Love

  1. “Underwater Love” by Isabel Hermano is once again the inspiration for one of my poems. I am losing count, but I think I might be up to 5 or 6 I have written inspired by her visual art. She has an amazing exhibition that just opened of her iphoneography…photographs taken from an iphone and enhanced. I recommend going and seeing her other pieces. All are a fine line between photography and painted visual Art. She told me she took this photo of a pair of dancers in Buenos Aires. I was captivated and told her I would write a poem for it..and here it is. Grab a taxi by clicking on the link, to see the rest of her showing: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Muenchen/149/143/53


  2. Happiness says:

    exquisite words inspired by this haunting image… love the way you bring things into a positive reality, from the depths! Love, H.


  3. My dear Karima !
    And it had to happen once again – you saw my pic and this poem was born, enchanting, soft and light as a feather ! This condition of almost weightlessness, as we experience it under water, is a a wonderful metaphor to the experience of love …..we float, surrounded by something, somebody, which embraces us so completely, that we don`t even sense the crossover. Borders dissolve, are melting away in this fluid.
    “And hope is a returning boat ” …. I love this , because it is the best description of hope, I ever heard ****
    The music is beautiful, but I missed your voice however 🙂 Hopefully, I will be able to listen, if you add this to your readings !
    Thank you for this, from the bottom of my heart !


  4. Happi thank you for your comment..This picture I found as you say a “haunting image” of romance and love where the water surrounds and if there were tears before they were dissolved in the moment of this fluid dance….


  5. Well first I want to say Isabel, that our artistic connection remains strong as ever, and when I walked into your exhibition, and saw this piece, I was captivated and totally convinced a poem would be born from it.Being a Pisces through and through always calls me seductively to spend time in Neptune’s watery scenery, and is why I took a big chunk of my sim and sunk it, so I could do just that. “Underwater Love” said so many things to me..I pasted them into my poem like collage pieces, but in the end what it promises me is that there is a “hope boat” on the horizon, a sincerely seductive but gradual romance under the sea. Her smile, her obvious enjoyment of the dance, with her partner, made me too want to brush up on a slow loving bolero or two, as sometimes the passion of the tango can wear us out:) Yes I love this musical piece by Amr Diab, and I will read this poem to it at my next reading in the Arabic Salon on May 24th. After I read it there, I will put a copy of it, poem and music here as an update, but I am liking the new custom I have begun to read it first to a live audience before I put it on my blog..I hope you can come, as once again your imagery is a potent muse for my own poetry, I hug you tight, my dear friend..Thank you for sharing your Art with us all…


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    So multi-layered is this poem Karima. It takes us down and then up. Or is it up and then down? Hope or hopelessnes? But wherever it takes us must be a good place because the writer (you!) doesn’t care. And as always, your mastery with vocabulary is nothing short of genius. “Subtle seduction that bends and ebbs.” Like a secret fishing hole, you seem to have found a bottomless word well somewhere. And Isabel’s photo is awe-inspiring! Two great artists at work together.


  7. Thank you Hoyt for your comment and your always appreciated support of my poetry. I am pretty sure you have read more of my poems than anyone here, and the fact you still enjoy them is a powerful stimulus for me.. Yes hope and hopelessness..smiles maybe after tears…I see the girl dancing,and as is my odd way of looking at things with my upside down poet’s eye, I feel she cried salting the salty sea a little more before she smiled and found peace being led in such a romantic and graceful dance. I am very united to Isabel’s Art flows..I hope I will write many more inspired by her visual imagery Gracias mi ruco…


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