Karima Hoisan@Poetry Reflections on Costa Rica Sims ~ Thursday May 24th at 1pmslt

Not the last Thursday this month… but the 4th one!

Oops! Sometime we have five Thursdays in a month, and May is one of those, so contrary to what this beautiful new banner is proclaiming, I will be doing my monthly reading this coming Thursday May 24th at 1pmslt. I hope no one gets confused and shows up a week later on the 31st!
I want to cordially invite you all, my small but loyal following, who seem to already enjoy my readings, at this beautiful Arabic salon on Costa Rica Sims of Dream Seeker Estates, and to also extend a warm invitation to anyone, who has yet to join us for one of these poetic gatherings. “Ahleen wa sahleen” “Welcome to you!”

I will share with you a post that Mariella, Events manager of Costa Rica Sims, published last week, on their blog, about my rescheduled reading on the 3rd of this month. I don’t usually like to blow my horn on my own blog ( seems a little tacky) so forgive me this please, but I so enjoyed Mariella’s enthusiasm for what it is I do, and there are some good pictures for all to see too. Here is the article if you would like to check it out, click on this hyperlink: Special Poetry Reflections

I have many new poems, once again for this reading, and will be doing a set of older poems for an artist that inspired them a year ago, Rob Steenhorst, (Rob Barber in SL)
The muse has been consistently poked, roused and motivated by all kinds of happenings in the last few weeks, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you…and then maybe a few belly dance moves around the room in group to unwind us, before we disappear into the virtual skies, hopefully to be reunited once again on the last Thursday in June. As always Arabic, or Indian dress is encouraged, and really enjoyed, but come as you are, just come to spend a hopefully relaxing and stimulating hour with us all in a beautiful venue built for this purpose. It is always such a pleasure for me, this sharing of the spoken word, mixed with music and spiced with some colorful imagery with all of you.

Here is your swift and adept taxi driver…tip him well:) Karima@Poetry Reflections
Hope to see you there!!

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