Flying Away For Awhile…

Leaving on a prop plane…

Leaving on a prop plane..time traveling, culture shocking, beauty from the past.
caught inside a remolino, wind tunnel of misfortune, I live and write your last chapter.

Not a weekend in Dubai

Not a weekend in Dubai, not a fortnight in Paris, not for business, not for pleasure,
 An old love now faded by the past, yet strong as death itself, is my airborne siren-song.

Sunset endings

If we find meaning we find everything, I fly now to find the meaning of it all, that sunset ending.
I saw the ad ” soul carriers wanted,” It turned out to be my long lost love who said, “Please take this ride.”

Piloted by Natascha Randt

but…I will  be back, and hopefully posting soon…I’m taking a break from my blog for  a trip I could not refuse.

*Thanks to Natascha Randt for taking me up in her fabulous 193o’s passenger plane…Awesomely beautiful!

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9 Responses to Flying Away For Awhile…

  1. Natascha says:

    Thank you Karima. My thoughts are with you.


  2. Thanks Nat.. first for that great flight and also for your best wishes…hope to see you “Seeking Wisdom” soon:)


  3. Steve Rogers says:

    May you find deep meaning in this encounter.


  4. Hoyt Heron says:

    You are good at flying in all lives Ruca. This is a fine thing you are doing. I’m watching you with pride.


    • Thank you so much for your wonderful support of me Hoyt.. It feels totally right that i am here, and I slipped back into the Texas-Iraqi scene so easily. I am more than glad I came


  5. Tube/Ron says:

    Hoyt has it right. You are never afraid to look the unknown in the face! One never knows what one will encounter when doing this. But, for a dear friend…loved one….that scarceley matters.You espect to fly in a vintage aircraft. Yes, it is. It is as old as the universe. Maybe older. It is the flight we take to care for our loved ones. Wherever…however….we do because they are us. And we they. They are part of us. It has always been so. We simply had to grow to see that. May all the angels keep you safely aloft on your sacred mission. May they surround you and hold all ones in the knowing of friendship that is the reality of life here. That all are linked. We are linked. And love and compassion , even in the face of extreme difficulty, is the order of the day. Even when not so clear. We do for those we love. The angels will keep you flying with all their kisses! No there is real power. Peace. tg


  6. Thank you so much Tube..for your wisdom and your depth of friendship..people like you are the angels that keep me flying…that’s just the way it is:)


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