A Personal Slice of Pie FromThe UWA V Machinima Challenge 2012 Awards

Well to say that Natascha and I were nervous was a total understatement today, as I sat crossing and uncrossing my legs, and Nat fidgeted in some carefully camouflaged dance moves. We were more than a full hour early for this prestigious and long awaited awards ceremony, and each minute we were getting more nervous. The setting was beautiful and ample cushions were starting to be filled in with the audience who came in a steady stream the last half hour. This was the most highly anticipated Art and Machinima Festival you could find on any grid, nothing else could even compare.

International… was such a part of the flavor and the magic (photo by Nat)

We were treated to a wonderful show of light, dance and precision by The ChangHigh Trinity Sisters to begin … Just beautiful!

Spectacular! (photo by Nat)

Our nerves were increasing with each particle burst..I will speak for Natascha here too as we were in back and forth IM’s and all of them said, “I am sooooo nervous”

A Grand Finale and then on to the prizes. (photo by Nat)

For a complete list of all the awards given I will refer you to the excellent re-accounting on the official UWA blog which you can find here: UWA blog post on the awards
My little post today is just to share with you, my readers, a personal slice of the feelings emotions and surprises lived at this anticipated ceremony.
Posters of the films were also awarded prizes, and I want to point out that our film’s poster took a third place, designed by the artist Huntress Catteneo who took home 8000L$. I also want to congratulate my friend RAG Randt who took home 10000L$ for 2nd place with his great design of the Poster for the film “Running with Scissors” and of course to the winner of this poster competition, violette Naidoo (L$12,000) for the poster of the film: “The Last Syllable Of Recorded Time”
Here they are below:

Congrats To The Three Winners (photo by Nat)

Audience participation was also rewarded with the lists that came closest to final judging.
Congratulations to the winners of that, Samara Kasshiki, Chic Aeon, and Charles Hera.

OPEN THIS END AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE also gave out prizes to the competitors, who were chosen by their independent team of judges. I personally did not know about this part, so was happily surprised to see that our film,”Seek Wisdom” was included in a very illustrious group of four machinimas  as winners in the category of
OPEN THIS END CINEMAPOP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN FILM 2012. It was like a delicious taste of the succulent pie of recognition being served in this banquet of awards.
Congratulations to our fellow winners, Hypatia Pickens, for “Still Watching,” pallina60 Loon for “Colours” and Spiral Silverstar, “Seeking Wisdom in The Stars”

Now..on to the main event…(photo by Nat)

Natascha and I were sitting in the front row, wringing the moisture out of our palms… our combined heart beats sounded like a syncopated House Dance rhythm. The adrenaline was making us hyperventilate..you know, all the symptoms of pre-panic panic attack.

The Moment of Truth begins (photo by Nat)

I will be very honest here, Nat and I believed we had a good film, we believed it when we mutually decided it was ready to be sent out into the world (as Nat put it) but knowing the competition, the level of artistic excellence that was being represented in the 51 entries, we considered it lucky and very honorable if we could place in any one of the ten places or the special prize. We were hopeful, but not totally convinced and so the nerves ruled, and we each sat silent in our own prayers. As I said I won’t list all the winners, and many joint winners of the night, I will just skip up ahead a bit to when JayJay Zifanwe, principal organizer and our host,  had gotten to the Fourth Prize and we were still holding our breath, as we had yet to win. When we heard there was a four-way tie for Third Place we just went blue in the face, putting our breath holding into 4-Wheel Drive, and thinking, “Well this is it..it’s now or never.” This was our first time as entrants to this International Festival of  3d Art and film and I don’t know if others more experienced went through what we were going through, but I was almost ill by that point from the anticipation, and the unknown answer, to our thoughts,”Will they call our name?” I mean what a photo finish of greats he was calling out, Tikaf Viper for “Run Ram,” (who was my personal favorite to win First Place) Hypatia Pickens for “The Four Gods of Folly,  Arrow Inglewood for “?” and and…you could have dropped a meteorite between us and we would not have noticed, we were hanging on this last unknown name,
pallina60 Loon for “Colours”
At that second I felt I had fallen down an elevator shaft and all my hopes for taking home a prize from the UWA V were laying dashed on the bottom. I sent off an IM to Nat, “Well it looks like we bombed out” and she answered, “Yeah”

“Well that’s it Nat, we bombed out”

So….please believe me, we were not sitting in our seats waiting to be called for the next prize, 2ND PRIZE IN THE OVERALL!!. I think when JayJay called out our film “Seek Wisdom” I  thought it was any one of the others with the same name, but when I heard our names attached, I think I let out an OMG in chat and seriously felt light-headed and giddy and a little crazy.
That’s the slice of pie we took home
, a really big piece too, that can be shared  easily with all our friends supporters and everyone who believed in our little film. Oh, and we received 120,000L$ too… so, drinks are on us:) The grand First Prize was well-awarded to Tutsy Navarathna for ‘The Last Syllable of Recorded Time’   Congratulations Tutsy on your 3rd winning year in a  row (2010 – 2011 – 2012)
I will repeat the words I said on The UWA blog,
“So many people to thank, beginning with the organizers and the judges for this year’s UWA V Machinima Challenge. For me personally, this feels like a fairy tale, but looking back, I see many people to thank. I would like to first gratefully acknowledge the fate that brought me to SL, and all the people along the way who have encouraged me, first as a performing poet, and then a composer, and then  finally a machinimatographer. My friends here, my partner, and many in RL too, who have encouraged me to try new things, and not be afraid to take chances. The final breeze blew in an incredible talent, who harmonized so well with me in the creative aspect. I am speaking of Natascha Randt, who made it possible to begin our Costa Rica-Germany connection and seek wisdom together. I thank you all, and am truly honored to receive this prize. I also want to include the judges of the Open This End Awards of Excellence, who voted  for our film as one of the winners of the Open This End Awards of Excellence In Film 2012. My most sincere thanks for your consideration and your prize.

Against all odds…I now put the 2nd Place Winner of the MachinimUWA 2012 for your enjoyment,in case anyone has yet to see it,  and let out a great big and joyous, WOOOOOOOOOT!!!


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24 Responses to A Personal Slice of Pie FromThe UWA V Machinima Challenge 2012 Awards

  1. tikaf viper says:

    muchas gracias esta todo lo que podo escrire sin tremblare …


  2. Con mucho gusto Tikaf, me encantaba su video a primera vista..es la verdad


  3. Ilan Tochner says:

    That is a very impressive achievement Karima, I’m so happy for you and I look forward to seeing you win many additional awards. 🙂


  4. Ron/Tubeguy says:

    Such amazing, creative work from a partnership-Nat and Karima. The graphic work is stunning and at once magnetic. Powerful images as a montage of memories, tales, clippings, history books….images from our world. All the curious…creative…bright…inquisitive…people who have shaped the world in a good way. A statement of all these parallel currents each with it’s unique note. Nat’s work is brilliant. The stark black/white work makes Karima’s feelings launch from the screen directly into our minds and emotions. The best word is compelling. Truly absolutely compelling. Here’s a clear example of one and one make way more than a million. I think this is just the beginning. Such gorgeous work! Both of you have found your voice to gift us. Thanks! (And, congratulations!) Superb work from two brilliant artists. Watch out, world. T


    • Aww thank you Tube..yes the look and the feel of the visual is almost 100% Nat..We confer but she is the one who knows her way around her software and her Fx:) and what she knows goes so well with my soundtracks..and poems and as you say..my thoughts.. A lucky day when our paths crossed.. “Watch out World?” hehe I hope you are right…Both of us create for the love of creating.There are no carrots being held out in front, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a little gem of a machinima go viral.. and just enter into the living rooms of thousands of unsuspecting people who did not even know this medium existed?..hehe a nice dream.. Thank you for your loving support always..So glad you approve of our joining forces..as I think we might be doing this for awhile (i hope:)


  5. Am so incredibly proud of you and Nat, Sissy! Though I understand nerves ruled the day, I embrace that terrific feeling of accomplishment when you two realized OMGGG, IT’S US!!!


  6. Smiling..yes that was a special moment..Thank you sis for believing in me from day one back in Feb. 2008..and pushing me a bit (not too much) to get my poetry out of my head and recite it to the SL public:) big hugs and passes a bite of our pie your way:)


  7. Nat says:

    Oh my, so unbelievable! And what a great fun. I remember when we were talking about what we should wear for the award ceremony. Yeah well, for me it was easy, just the costume from the video and a pale skin and ready to go. Karima decided to wear a pale goth skin, too and her wonderful asian clothes. For a bit more effect, I ask in the german community for a script with a flickering light effect. I got it and made a facelight with it, for us. Like the flickering light in the video, you know. Lol, we thought, as the eeehm….rebels or art-scene-outsiders we want some fun and go a bit crazy, cause we had not really a chance to win one of the prizes. No chance? Many people told me, yeah this is great, this is a winner and so on, but they arent the judges:)
    Sure, secretly we play the game: Imagine we will get a prize there…ahahahahaha O Lord, if we don’t do that, we are not human.
    A day or so before the event happen, we had a little problem with our outfits and as Karima decided to wear cool pilot glasses I wear mine, too. Omg we looked cooler than the Blues Brothers 🙂
    Sunday…. wooaaah I am nervous. This is the day.
    At 13:05 I am there, the event begins at 15:00… couldn’t resist, all was empty and I run here and there as a child.. imagined how it is … to win an Oscar. Yeah I know, silly and naive:)
    After Karima arrived, we are talking about many things but we are soo nervous, lol hysterical. But but one thing we talk about was the formal rituals when some one eeehm… enters a house or an appartment. Who greets first? The one who came in? This little discussion about differences in culture while we are waiting for the show to begin, said to me, no matter what happens here, we ARE the winners.
    We can learn so much from each other, just while talking about everyday things. Thats the biggest prize you can win, I think.
    Karima wrote the most about the ceremony, but one thing she forgot, loool. She sqeezes my hand, often, cause she was more nervous than I was, ahahahaha. Now I have virtual blue stains.

    The moment JayJay said our names, was was like…eeehm…lol… you know. I was.. speechless. Just an Eeeeehm and a YEAAAH! OMG!
    Was soooo cool.
    And what I really appreciate is, that kjs Yp, an artist from Germany, who was there, was the first one who sends congratz to me:)

    And I forgot to thank someone, so confused…lol. So here we go:
    I have to thank all the people from the UWA, without them and their great commitment and sponsoring of art it would never be happen.
    And also the great audience, here at this blog and all over the world, for watching our video and all the great comments we got. YAY!
    And last but not least Tiks, for being always a good friend. Another good friend is the Elf, who’s comment on our video was part of the laudatory speech, YEAH!
    And really warm congratulations to all winners and participants of this great challenge!

    And (seems today is my beginning with an “and” day, lol)
    BIG HUGS to Karima. Without her and her poem there were no video 🙂
    And I would never have heard the expression “We bombed out”

    Okies, stopping now, lol, but not without the famous words of Fred Flintstone: YABBA DABBA DOOOOO!


    • Thank you Nat for adding your own special topping to this story..I laughed out-loud Awww poor you with your “virtual blue stains” Two days later I am still smiling..and “No, “bombed out” does not usually mean taking home 2nd place:) It just goes to remind me that as a fortune teller, I would probably starve:) and there is nothing more special than sharing a surprise and an award with a great friend and collaborator. Hugs……


  8. Shesa Quandry says:

    NAT! HAHAHAHA! I am laughing so hard from your description of the day! Virtual blue stains… that’s just too funny!! I can see you both… pale skin, Karima with her colorful clothes, Blues Brothers glasses, and flickering face lights. I can tell you my artist friend would have described your choices, for an artist-scene presentation, as “Perfect” ;o) I can not imagine, after all that time, getting to the third place tie presentation… and not hearing your names… then only to be rewarded for your graceful “bombing out” by hearing your names for second place… the range of emotion you both traveled through… in a matter of minutes! I am SO thrilled, and SO proud of you both! Congratulations Nat & Kari ;o) There was never a doubt in my mind that you both deserved this. Next year, you will be among the defending champions… so you can both sleep in… arrive late… wearing the latest fashion…. NOT!!!! hahahahaha!!!!
    Huge hugs for both of you! I can’t stop smiling ;o)


    • Nat says:

      Thankies Shesa! I hope I am not too lazy for another contest:) Seems that we raised the bar and I hope, we don’t raised it too high:)… for us


  9. Smiling too Shesa, your comment did it! Thank you thank you for your warm and loving Congrats..Your support and friendship means so much to me.Well we Are family..hehe Tukso Family and beyond……..and yes Nat’s comment is now the cherry on top a yummy pie we have been savoring for the last two days..Yes, you can have your pie and eat it too…:):) Hugs


  10. Spiral Silverstar says:

    Just wanted to add my Congratulations again to both of you! Well deserved indeed! Will be waiting for many more excellent collaborations. 🙂


  11. Thank you so much Spiral..and Congratulations too for your win “Seeking Wisdom in The Stars” in OPEN THIS END CINEMAPOP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN FILM 2012 I felt very proud we were included in the list of four..You, Hypatia and Pallina..All films were so good.!


  12. Hoyt Heron says:

    Oh Oh Oh!!! This is fantastic! What a great team you and Nat make. I am happy that one of your great works was put on display. As we know, at times you have been accused of being a bit too humble when it came to laying your lovely creations out there for others to see. I am so so proud of you. If it were possible, I would climb through this screen, pick you up on my shoulders and run around shouting so all would take notice. Then, I would put you down and humbly ask for your autograph.


    • Sure I would be happy to sign an autograph Hoyt..but I do want that on the shoulder parading around the livingroom Victory carry before I do..:) I think it might “unhumble me” but not too much. Thank you for always being there with your support of poetry…etc


  13. Scott(ius) says:

    A lot of Yay-yas and Woo-hoos from the Otter side! A big congratulations to you and Nat!


  14. As always, your comments leave me otterly enthusiastic and usually falling on the floor in a very punny way..Thank you Scottius..for all your moral support too on this one


  15. jan betts says:

    What a powerful and brilliantly talented team!!! Congratulations!!! This of course means the two of you will do more MAGIC together… can’t wait… You know i am already a deep and loving fan of your art in all its forms, Karima…. now i am very excited, because new vistas keep opening up!!!
    You both are amazing….!


  16. Aww big Hugs Jan and thank you for your unconditional and unwavering support.. Yes this was the easiest and most rewarding collaboration I have ever done..and during a very hard time in my life too..It was the highpoint … and I am so happy that we said “let’s do it” and then..we did:)


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