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A Personal Slice of Pie FromThe UWA V Machinima Challenge 2012 Awards

Well to say that Natascha and I were nervous was a total understatement today, as I sat crossing and uncrossing my legs, and Nat fidgeted in some carefully camouflaged dance moves. We were more than a full hour early for … Continue reading

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“Seek Wisdom” the Poster by Menubar Memorial

Menubar is in the competition for best poster for the MachinimUWA Challenge. He did one for Natascha’s and my film “Seek Wisdom” Isn’t it beautiful? Good Luck Menu…you deserve a win for this one!! WE LOVE IT!! “Seek Wisdom” by … Continue reading

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“Seek Wisdom” a Karima Hoisan & Natascha Randt Film for MachinimUWA V

Ohh..I can’t wait to share this little film with all of you…a 4:30 min black and white machinima that took hours of rendering, discussing, and polishing but was soooo much fun to do, and renews my belief in the wonders … Continue reading

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