“It’s ok to be lazy…”

It is:)
I won’t even make excuses…

I don’t feel much like creating, as I just feel like enjoying what SL has to offer…in the form of escapism and my favorite “escape artist” is also my film partner who also is enjoying her own brand of lazy streak:) Natascha and I have been *coughs eheem “brainstorming” for our next project together in some highly unlikely places.

Letting the blood rush to our heads..

As I said to Nat after our success in the UWA V Challenge, “Well… we started almost at the top, which means it’s probably all downhill from here on in” Sort of kidding… but not really.
I let her drag me to “Die Rush Hour” so I could kick out in my full skirt and look sort of out- of- it compared to the other patrons… Laziness prevented me from buying something in mesh although I did remember to wear a mesh viewer that day, as Nat is “mesh queen” and I am tired of rendering her in my photos  entrapped in rectangles and fat spheres and usually partially invisible. Here is a bit of Nat’s take on it…I arrived in the middle. Rush is a Great DJ!!

So… when I heard that Nat just bought a luxury sailboat, I prescribed myself another afternoon off from thinking or doing anything useful, and just rolling on the high Blake Seas, the salt-water wind in my curls..(really this boat sails like the real thing) and was just what the doctor ordered to escape from anything like “work” or being “artistic…or god forbid… “poetic”

The flap of the sails and the wooosh of a motorless glide…Heaven!!

Of course I was not dressed for the occasion once again, I looked like Nat took pity on me and picked me off a bus stop bench and sat me on a yacht cushion but oh well…I had rubber sole shoes on at least…

Nat WAS dressed to sail in a pair of mini-cutoffs….eheem!

So, another day of doing something useful to show was avoided…and we relaxed and sailed off into the sunset…

I am pretty easy to kidnap for the day this week..will accept most offers

I do want to end this post on a great video that Nat made about one of her latest acquisitions..I’m going to tell on her right here in my blog, no mincing of words. She is a “total transport junkie” She loves things that move, on air, or land or sea, and she buys them and sometimes makes really beautiful films about them. I found this one she did recently, to be a joy to watch and admire...(plus we get to hear the Russian National Anthem) and I share it with you while I lazily yawn and sit way back and watch it again with you:)

That’s my film partner in action!!
Now maybe we will knuckle down this week and finish what we started…or maybe just enjoy the luxury to be lazy a bit longer….because sometimes “It’s ok to be lazy”

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4 Responses to “It’s ok to be lazy…”

  1. Nat says:

    OMG! I feel honored 🙂 And yes, its ok to be lazy, but we are lazy in a… eeehm…creative way. After all those what happend in RL and so on, it’s legitimately to take a time-out and relax for a while:)
    Mini-cutoffs…eeehm yes, but they were the most innocent short jeans in my inv, ahahahaha. And you’re right Karima I am a “total transport junkie”, lol. And sl gives me so many opportunities:)
    Thank you very much Karima. No one ever wrote about me in so nice words:) Hugs.


    • You are most welcome Nat..and I am not worried that soon our brains will be cooking up the last details… of another collaboration….all in its time:) I love your “James Cameron effect” on the Backfire C film..was the perfect windlight setting to show that bomber beauty off:)


  2. Hoyt Heron says:

    Natascha…Your Backfire C Video is brilliant! It seemed like you covered every angle inside and outside of the jet. Control panel included. And if that is not enough…The music adds to the ambiance! The whole thing is very majestic. You are a true talent. More please. Thank you.


    • Nat says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words Hoyt.
      This beauty is a beast too and for that I thought it needs this special look. As all russian planes it is so beautiful, that I mostly forget that all those planes are warmachines. And the most beautiful of all is the SU-27. She is the queen of the air. A bird of prey who spreads its wings and prevails the skies. I promise, if you like the Backfire video, you will love the SU-27 video:)


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