Come for Tea and Poetry on The Irish Estates with …..Me! Sept.13th at 1pmslt

New Venue_New Poems-A New Beginning

It seems to me it has been way too long since I sent out an invitation to a poetry reading, and actually it has been four months since I performed in Second Life. Those of you who follow my blog, know what was my mission that kept me away, and when I returned I was informed that my beautiful Arabic salon, like all the events on The Costa Rican Dream Seeker Estate had been terminated. Well…I ran right out and bought a new Arabic Salon, and placed it over my sim LINC Island, but before I could even get it together to send out invitations, and plan a cozy reading over my own land, Mariella who was the Events Planner at Costa Rica Sims, wrote to me and invited me to come to The Irish Estates where she had moved to, and was now planning their events. I jumped at the chance, because, one I really like working with Mariella, and two, it is always exciting to reach perhaps a new audience, no offense to my loyal ‘old audience ‘please, you know how very important you are to me.

A beautiful welcoming garden gazebo is my new venue

So, I cordially and warmly invite you to my reading this coming Thursday, September 13th 1-2mpmslt. I admit I am somewhat nervous, as I am a little out of my rhythm, but at the same time, very excited to be doing my first reading, at such a beautiful, elegant, and I hear, friendly and welcoming Estate. I have some new poems to share and over half of them are to my own musical compositions. I have chosen what I feel is an eclectic mix of moods and feelings, all accompanied by images played behind me, and hope they delight you for this hour.

Hope to see you all there….

My thank you’s go to Asha Rosie Tylman for her poster for this event, and of course I want to thank the CEO and Estate Owner IrishGent, for inviting me to perform, and I extend my personal hope that he will be able to attend my first, but hopefully, not my last reading, on his successful and thriving Estate (90+sims!)
I hope to see you all there and here is your limo to drop you off at the entrance of this very beautiful garden gazebo. Come have a bit of tea and some poetry (and a little music too)…with me. Click below to grab your….
Your Irish Limo


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2 Responses to Come for Tea and Poetry on The Irish Estates with …..Me! Sept.13th at 1pmslt

  1. Nat says:

    Was a great reading. Unfortunately I had only sporadic sound after the crash. Many ppl were there and I think all of them enjoyed that you’re back. One of my firends was there, too. I think you met him at the Rush Hours, his nickname is “crazy” as in crazy old man, lol. But he left, cause he has little problems to understand english. Forgive him, he’s from Austria:)


  2. Thanks Nat, even with a two-legged technical problem ( a sim crashing griefer) I think most did enjoy it. I am very willing to give my poetry reading in full, written out, to anyone who has a bit of a problem with spoken English..I forgive your Austrian friend, a poetry reading in a language you don’t understand, can not be too exciting:) So glad you came and thank you for your comment too Big Hugs


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