Advice To A Flower

“Because you are a flower hide your scent…

Because you are a flower hide your scent, for they will steal it away,
and cut off your legs and make you one more prisoner in a vase.
Fresh water, and promises on the first and second day,
then… stagnant expectation of neglect, until they throw you away.

If you flaunt your colors and let your hair fall free, that’s your undoing.
Someone will soon pluck you from the tree, in a careless pursuing,
and maybe he means to keep you, but maybe he just collects,
and will file you with a latin name and leave with no regrets.

The hybrids they say are now in season, so wear your veil.
Many bad boys with scissors out ‘n about, looking to adorn their grail.
If you hear their footsteps near, keep still until they move along.
Desaturate your essence, no hint there’s more, for they might do you wrong.

Pretty flower, blow freely in fields, where wind controls your destiny,
Perfume the air only for those, who cherish grace and bending beauty,
who let you be just what you are, and honor the ground from where you grew,
who drop their clippers, and from afar, admire the petaled  hues of you.

Karima Hoisan
Nov. 9 2012
LINC Renacer SL

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6 Responses to Advice To A Flower

  1. Shepp says:

    Ohhhh such a warm loving warning to the pretty fleur……. no scissors here…
    Flaunt your talent often Kari 🙂


  2. awww thank you Shepp..nope no scissors in your pockets:) I already know that..


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  4. LunaelindaBranwen says:

    What a wonderful poem, Kari! Poignant and pointed in its message… 🙂


  5. Aww thank you so much Luna..yes I guess it did have a bit of both:):)


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