The Nightmare that turned into a Daymare…

Excellent video maker,  best friend and collaborator, Natascha Randt, had a big surprise waiting for me today. She snuck onto my  Kitely -Virtual Worlds on Demand installation-“Float” and captured these images and put them to my music and dialog,”This is Just a Nightmare” that I shared with you yesterday. Knowing that we are lazy about clicking links, if you didn’t hear it yesterday, now you can see it come to life, in Natascha’s video, “This is Just a Nightmare” As I told her in my comment, it is always such a treat for me to see how she translates my words and music, into her own language of video. To see my build through her inspired retinas, smooth camera work, and innovative style, is always such an unexpected joy.
Please watch it fullscreen and turn the volume up. I give you the nightmare that turned into a daymare. Eternal thank you’s Nat

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11 Responses to The Nightmare that turned into a Daymare…

  1. j vivian says:

    GREAT work Kari! I struggled along w/ you to escape it! You’re a master manipulator of our minds!


    • Thank you so much joyce,..well the very spooky camera work and machinima was made by Natascha Randt, I just inspired her with my build and my soundtrack..Was a “surprise collaboration” which just “happened” Those are the best kinds I think


  2. WaMark says:

    Awesome! Smooth and scary and my favorite bits of audio… I can’t seem to wake up either!


    • Smiling, thanks for your comment WaMark…yes Nat captured that weird dialogue in such a unique way..I was always seeing it at night, and it might be scarier in the daytime..or..sunset…. “You’re not wish you were..”


  3. Hoyt Heron says:

    Your nightmare extracted from Kitley for all to see. As it should be. You and Nat are great collaborators. You brilliance seems to be a magnet for brilliance. As long as you write, you will have me hanging on every word.


  4. Thank you are my biggest fan:) and I know you are a fan of Nat’s too.Yes was a lucky moment when we met…Love those collaborations..and of course I love surprises..:) This was a great one to wake up to….


  5. Shantz Hawker says:

    Great Job Kari, I am having a notion you are connected to a multi-univeral level of understanding with these collaborations. I am involved at present in reading some novels involving Dream Hunters. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thanks Shantz, but Nat is the one who made the video..and I was sound and the location:) Yes I love the collaborations..They somehow wind up being bigger than the whole:) and I hope to see you again at one of my readings soon:)


  7. Nat says:

    Hi there and thankies for all the nice comments:)
    This one is one of only a few I made for someone without being a job. Normally I make a video for myself. But in this case I wanted to make it for Karima. For many reasons. One is, Karima, you have a heart of gold and it was the time for a little gift, .. a little surprise then:)
    Another is, that it is a little excuse for all my lazyness over the months. eeehm…. 🙂 And cause all good things come in threes, the third reason is, that we talked very long about all those things and a lot more and finally I couldn’t resist to make it in my way:)



  8. awww Nat, as always your comment made me smile so much..Thank you for your kinds words for me personally, and thank you too for taking the time to film my world through your eyes. Really, I love how you did it, how you captured it and as I said on YouTube, ” you captured this “Daymare” so well..You make us look around in your dream state and see that there is no shore to swim to..and no way out. I love how you caught that vastness and those cruising dangers, hungry.. silently gliding and waiting..until…they can’t wait anymore!!! Thank you so much for this film surprise. Kitely has been a place where my dreams and nightmares can come true:)..always such a treat for me to see my work translated through your retinas and your camera:) Big hugs.Nat..Someone yesterday said we were “natural collaborators” smiles..I agree;)


  9. Shepp says:

    Superb in every way Nat …. and Ohh the Karima vocals make me swoon … Thank you ladies xxxx


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