Recap of The Hyacinth Plaza Reading~Recording and Photos

The Poetry Venue in Hyacinth Plaza (photo by Nat)

It was such a lovely venue, built by Lianitia manager at The Hyacinth Plaza, and Natascha took some great photos yesterday, so I have decided to share them with you, for those who went, and for those who couldn’t make it. Below is an mp3 recording you can click on to hear the entire hour of poetry and music. I hope you enjoy !
Recording of Poetry Reading by Karima at Hyacinth Plaza.mp3

“Soul Eyes”..visual Art can open them (photo by Nat)

Around 28 people attended and the setting was beautiful!”

“Sea Spice” (photo by Nat)

The painting in the background is by my gifted friend and RL artist Jan Betts.

“The Other Side”  painting “Joining” by Jan Betts (photo by Nat)

Nat hailing a cab for “The Changes Changes” Soon we will make this poem into a video… (pushes Nat to agree:)

…the Changes Changes everything… (photo by Nat)

The weather was ideal for an afternoon of poetry…even though it threatened to rain (depending on your windlight settings:)

 (photo by Nat)

It’s hard work training the Byzantine Elephants in the Circo de Verbose…

“Way with Words” ( photo by Nat)

As the afternoon sun dropped down, I was nearing the end of my reading. It was hard to believe an hour had  flown by….

In the afternoon glow of poetry (photo by Nat)

My last poem, was an emotional one for me personally and for some of the audience too.. It is about a whale.. but it could be about more than just a whale…

 “Whale Song” centered perfectly by Anje Aichi who took the photo

Thank you Eric Coiffard, for making this beautiful spot on your sim, Hyacinth Plaza, to enjoy poetry. I hope you will invite me back sometime:)

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9 Responses to Recap of The Hyacinth Plaza Reading~Recording and Photos

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    How perfectly enchanting. I wish I could have been there. Just lovely.


  2. Nat says:

    Luckily my stream was in a good mood, cause it was a very very intense and emotional reading. Thank you Karima:)


    • You’re very welcome and so glad your stream held and thanks again for the great photos Nat..yes it did have its emotional moments..Whale Song is a poem, that at any moment I have a hard time finishing..


  3. Rob M. Steenhorst says:

    It is a very beautiful sim.. Poetry music and art can flow free there.
    Rob Barber


  4. Thank you Rob,for leaving your comment…


  5. joyce says:

    I just now realized Kari how richly textured your voice is (perfect for your readings). Upon clicking the ‘go’ button on the player & listening to the soothing music mixed with your golden vocal chords i immediately smiled.
    Unfortunately the player stopped & this crazy woman toggled wildly, not wanting it to end…..serves me right for having company on that day!
    My hat is off to you just the same. Here’s looking to our next ‘meet’ 🙂


    • Oh joyce, thank you so much for trying, and maybe you can download it, to your PC.. Thank you for being always interested in my poetry and readings. I hope you can make the next one, pencil it in for Friday night Nov 30th at 7pmslt:) See you then…


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