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I adore scripters! That is no news for people who know me well. This poem and music that I will give you the chance to listen to below, is a new poem and musical composition dedicated to only them. In the first months of my blog, I  wrote a true story about a bull and a tenacious scripter who finally took control of him by the horns
See a “Story Full of Bull”   
and today I offer you “Follow Me” which I dedicate to all those “gods in a sandbox” who I admire so much. Please click on the .mp3 link below to listen… (please don’t be lazy..just click the link:) and Enjoy!!
Follow Me by Karima Hoisan.mp3

*Footnote: I went to the LSL Wiki to find a follow script and saw that this one was from a scripter I really know, Dale Innis..hope that is ok that I used it Dale:)

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15 Responses to Follow Me!

  1. daleinnis says:

    Extremely okay. 🙂 There’s such a nice synergy between builders and scripters in SL; says something profound about the human psyche, I’m sure.

    (And maybe this will get me to finally write that “be able to walk forward and type at the same time” script that I’ve been meaning to write; it sort of goes with the avatar follower.)


    • Thank you Dale and yes I agree, we were made for each other (builders and scriptures that is:) As I say in my poem “Hello Avatar” from the Bull story, Oh to build is precious,
      but to animate is divine!


  2. WaMark says:

    Yeeaaa! An Ode to Code… From one who lives in “a land of vectors”, this is tasty stuff. The music and playful vocal exchange are comfortably woven and I found myself ready to listen to much, much more. Super!


  3. I like that phrase “Ode to Code” WaMark! Yes this one is very much for you too, and so glad you really liked it. I’m glad you approve the voices with the music, and yes, I DO like doing that guy voice.. At least this time he is not scary! Thank you once again for taking the time to comment.:)


  4. Nat says:

    eeeeeehm….ahahahaha, yeah…don’t be lazy….don’t be lazy 🙂 I know a song called “Follow me” from Uncle Kracker, but yours is so much more inspiring me:) And you know that 😀

    @WaMark: I have to steal….eeeehm…to borrow, to use that term: “Ode to Code” for many reasons… 🙂


  5. Natascha Natascha……I feel a movie coming on…..don’t you? 🙂 I bet WaMark won;t mind lending you that great line!! What fun …here we go again… it’s collaboration time!!


    • Nat says:

      /me is running in circles…singing…collab time… collab time….ahahahaha yeah and not only we both, the credits roll will be much longer and I like it 🙂


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  7. Hoyt Heron says:

    I enjoyed this! The music, voice, and words, seem to blend together to make a powerful cinematic preveiw for something. This piece also has a very sensual, pied piper tone to it. I can just picture a hypnotized group following you. Can guess who would be in front of the group falling all over himself? And I, who feel success in just finding the power button on a computer. Scriipting, vectoring, synergizing, coding, decoding….are all out of my feeble realm. You are like a train on the downside of the great divide Khaleesi. You just keep picking up momentum, Bravo!!


    • …and you can make me smile every time Hoyt:) Interesting you should mention the pied piper as I think you will notice that symbol comes up..very soon in the 2nd part of “Follow Me” to be posted next…and as far as being a runaway train, I hope i can find the brakes soon..and rest a bit from all this delicious but at times over-stimulating creative downhill “weeeeeeing”


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  10. Wanting art to represent connection between real longing and imaginative construction is an undeniable urge of many. Perhaps what created language was to represent comparison between the evidence of eyes and visualizing of the unseen extrapolations of our brains. The searching mind fills in spaces in the suspension of disbelief. Me? I believe it all. Thank you Karima for sending me soaring.


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