Karima Happily Returns To The Magic Tree of Poetry @ Ce Soir Arts ~ Wed. Dec. 12th at 1pmslt

Peace on Earth...the best holiday wish

Peace on Earth…the best holiday wish

First, I want to thank my dear friend MarriellaAnna, and photographer Ice Wilde for this photo holiday greeting they generously offered to create for me. I was a little embarrassed to put my face predominately on a wish for world peace, but really it IS what I most wish for, as it seems we need some help. How wonderful to imagine that, as John Lennon reminded us. Perhaps some day we will live to see that peace realized, where now, we only see war and  needless suffering everywhere we look. As we say in Arabic
“Asalaam Alaikum” Peace be with you. I wish you the happiest and safest of holidays.

I am very excited to be reading once again for Mireille and Aeon at Ce Soir Arts this coming Wednesday at 1pmslt. I realized that the last time I was there was in April, and so much has happened since, and so many new poems have come into being too since then. I have missed this very special venue.
I cordially invite you to join me, in a cozy outdoor setting of peace and harmony. I can’t promise all my poems will be happy joyous ones as (well you know me by now) but I promise to put my heart in each one and give you my best reading I can. I have some new ones never done in public, and some only done once at my last reading.

The Tree for Poetry at Ce Soir Arts

The Tree for Poetry at Ce Soir Arts

So Dress beautifully casual and comfortable and find a seat early and let me transport you for an hour on stream with my poetry, music, and imagery.
Here is your winged sleigh to deliver you safely:  CeSoir Arts.
This will be my last reading for 2012
I hope to see you there!!


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