Private Poet by Request~ Recap of Nov. 30th Poetry Reading LINC Island SL

On Friday night, Nov. 30th, in my Arabic Parlor on my home sim, an idea to do a small reading for just friends who could come on at night, and haven’t been to one of mine in over a year, turned into a rather larger (33 avatars) gathering. You’ve heard of private dancers, well now in SL, there are also private poets:)

photo by MireilleJeneive

photo by Mireille Jenvieve

The salon is the same skybox that was used at Costa Rican Sims, their venue for my readings before, but the difference is, I have made it cozier and comfier, closer together, as if we are all snug in my living room… and it really felt that way…

photo by Dale Innis

photo by Dale Innis

Guests arrived early, I got my crash out of the way early too*smiles, and I began on the hour to recite to a wonderful group of friends. The idea is to do a night reading maybe every few months, to be able to catch those with day jobs, and real lives that don’t allow them to attend my day readings at venues more on European time.(like my Buddeh MenuBar!) Many of the guests came dressed for the occasion, including my two helpers for the night, Hoyt Heron and Odracir Wrigglesworth.  Themed -dress is never obligatory, but it does add to the special feeling of an event..even a poetry one. I will point out a few that caught my eye below…

photo by Dale Innis

Gamma- photo by Dale Innis

Shesa photo by Natascha

Shesa- photo by Natascha

I have to include one also of the photographer (Natascha Randt) who brought her good luck black cat to make sure everything went smoothly…and it did.. whew!

Nat~  Photo by Dale Innis

Nat~ Photo by Dale Innis

Well, Nat wound up with over 100 photos, and I got some great ones from others too,(thank you Mireille, Sanne, Dale) so I decided to make a flickr page that you can all go to, and copy or take any ones that you enjoy, as there are many!!

Here I have a link to the actual recording of the reading in an .mp3 file, for any, interested in hearing the hour of poetry I presented to music. Just click on the link:

“Private poet by Request.mp3”

Below is the Video Slideshow Nat made to see them all together in YouTube. If you missed this one, just let me know if you are interested in attending the next one. It was a very warm and loving evening, the kind only SL can offer.

Hope to see you at the next!!





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6 Responses to Private Poet by Request~ Recap of Nov. 30th Poetry Reading LINC Island SL

  1. Seth Stratten says:

    I enjoyed your readings very much, Karima. You have a special talent that brings joy to those around you.


  2. Thank you so much Seth..and next time,hopefully Kaydge will be with you too:):) Was so nice for me that I could do the “Whale Song” for you at least..It is both of yours:)


  3. joyce says:

    Loved the pics, music made me smile. The participants helped by dressing in theme. LOVED the camel!! AGAIN….nice JOB!


  4. Thanks joyce… glad you enjoyed the ambiance and the music too..


  5. Dale Innis says:

    Yay some of my pictures! 🙂 It was a great time; such a quality crowd. And artist!


  6. Smiles remembering seeing one quality audience member barefoot (probably out of difference to the Persian carpets.. no doubt:) Thank you Dale, and yes your photos were great and very well received, I think one you shot, was even used as someone’s new profile picture!! So glad you could make it.


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