“The Wind and The Moon” a Video by Joe Zazulak for a Poem by George MacDonald

Here I go again, celebrating the virtues of Second Life for fostering and facilitating different artists to collaborate and make joint projects to share. Joe Zazulak (Spiral Silverstar in SL) is one of my favorite machinima artists, so when he invited me to read a poem, not having any idea of what he might do visually, I said,”Yes!” because I know his artistic integrity. I recommend you browse through his Channel and watch a few more, as he has great taste in filming, directing, editing, and always always always,  has the perfect music for each one. We say in Spanish, that this is his “don” his talent his 6th sense, that always helps him choose wonderful musical backgrounds for his movies.
His sense of the absurd and the surreal, his masks, up-right Hares and headless mannequins, are some of the symbols you will find repeated imaginatively in his films.
In “The Wind and The Moon,” poem by George MacDonald, he definitely implements a new style that I think fits so well with the odd but endearing poem. I read the poem over Joe’s well-chosen music, and the effect reminds me at times, of a children’s 
story book, but here, the static images move, and flow, and blow and shift and wane and grow.
I will let you be the judges:)
Joe’s YouTube Channel can be found here, and I think very worth your while to see what else he has done. He is a prolific video artist, a moving-picture collagist, a painter of imagery and sounds. Joe Zazulak/Spiral Silverstar/YouTube Channel
I am very happy to have added a small part to this project.
Please see in HD and full screen for best viewing… and Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “The Wind and The Moon” a Video by Joe Zazulak for a Poem by George MacDonald

  1. jan betts says:

    beautiful!!! And with you reading the poem, Karima, it is made ever more magical!!!… such a lovely revelation as we learn about the wind… and the moon…… it has something profound to say,


  2. Nat says:

    I like Joe’s “strictly no elephants” very much and it is great, but I LOVE THIS ONE! You both did an awesome job! Its a Masterpiece of visuals, music and reading!


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