If You Like Us…LIKE Us!! ….please…

Oh, I apologize before I  even begin here, as I never thought I would see the day I would be campaigning for Facebook Likes….but here I am..doing just that!! I actually do it more for Natascha, my talented film partner, who like everyone does like to win, but unlike everyone, really deserves to. This is her visual magic in the film, I am the sound person, and together we are a team:) As I mentioned in my last post, Nat and I entered a Film contest, knowing  ahead of time, the results would be not from a careful deliberation of a panel of qualified judges, but from a final tally of how many “Likes” could be produced by people with Facebook accounts. Neither Nat nor I are Facebookers, although I have a page now, basically made so I could see other’s pages. Nat doesn’t even have one, so our total number of Facebook friends is a whopping 45!!
We believe we have a competitive film, that complies with all the ground rules, and now we just need to campaign some votes, so we don’t lose too miserably. We have no illusions that we can win, now that it is a Facebook popularity contest, but we feel that we tried our best to produce a scary imaginative film.
Sooo…if you have a few minutes of extra time, I would like to ask my loyal readers to go to this page if you have Facebook and see our film along with the others (ours is the third one down), and if you like us….well LIKE us please MadPea Carneval Like page

No matter what the outcome, Nat and I will continue to join creative forces to hopefully keep entertaining you…but it is always nice to know that we  were “Liked” 🙂

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2 Responses to If You Like Us…LIKE Us!! ….please…

  1. Tube/Ron says:

    I want to offer a huge “like” to my good friend Karima and her incredibley talented co-conspirator Natascha. This work is a better nightmare than anything George Romero ever did. And this takes loads of effort and huge creativity. Both are to be celebrated for this unbelievably creepy work. Yikes in spades. Every element is perfect. And perfectly dreadful!!
    And true to the basic vision of this nightmare. Oh boy is it ever. Yowie! Scary stuff. And the ladies both seem so harmless???? Well…..This is the proof of the talent. They can make anything gorgeous-even nightmares! I will have to check my closet twice before I can sleep tonight!!!!!! I think I heard a “thump” that maybe wasn’t a cat………:~ Tube


    • Thanks Tube for your comment and your Like too:) You always have such a way with words!! Thank you too, and I will do this is on Nat’s behalf also, for your amazing support right from the beginning, of Nat’s and my films. Your feedback and your obvious enjoyment, for me personally, has always been so important in my growth as an artist. Thanks for being here my friend:)


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