“Where Are You??” Nightmare At The Carneval ~ a MadPea Machinima Contest

So, I was not thinking of ever being part of a project like this, when Spiral Silverstar (Joe Zazulak) sent a couple of pictures he had taken of me, as I unawarely strolled around the bizarre and surreal “Carneval,” put on by MadPea in Second Life.

A Scary Carneval

A Scary Carneval

Dark and ingenious, Carneval is an artistic collaboration of many of the best artists and builders in Second Life, see article on “Who Built What?”

Madpea..gone mad..

MadPea..gone mad..

One thing I did feel as I walked from one forboding ride to the next, was that I absolutely had to come back with Natascha Randt, (“The Visualizer”) who has that special eye to take it all in, and has chosen me as her partner (“The Vocalizer”) in a growing number of machinima collaborations. Still, it took a little push from my friend Rag Randt (no he’s not related to Natascha:) one of the gifted artists there, to give us a heads-up that there was to be a contest.

30 secs to 90 secs in length

30 secs to 90 secs in length

The good news is, Nat and I did it again! This is our 8th  machinima together, the prolific video team of Randt & Hoisan, and what you will see below is our entry to the contest, whose deadline was extended to Dec. 28th, so if there are any machinima artists reading this, there is still time to film yours.
This is ours.
They asked for a nightmare….we gave them a Nightmare“Where Are You?”


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15 Responses to “Where Are You??” Nightmare At The Carneval ~ a MadPea Machinima Contest

  1. Hoyt Heron says:

    Wow! Wow! This is like a nightmare we have all visited. Very scary. Karima and Natascha, the two of you make an amazing team. Nat, I love the abandoned, dark, surreal look of the amusement park. Karima, your voice is haunting. I would not have recognized it if I didn’t know it was you. A definite winner!


  2. Thank you so much Hoyt for this great comment you left…Yes seems Nat and I still have a few more videos to put out ..and as fast as we finish one, we are brainstorming the next (lately it seems we even do that at a Tukso show:) ..I love the free flowing creative imperative, that just pushes us along..This was a dark scenario and and a dark subject..Not a great one to release for the Holidays *smiles.but we were only trying to stick to MadPea’s rules:) Glad you liked it!!


  3. Spiral Silverstar says:

    In my humble opinion, this is the Best film yet! What a great team you two make! Best of Luck!


  4. This is creepy and professional and hits us where it hurts.  Good luck with this in the MadPea contest. I would have entered if I had had an original thought about so constricted an environment, so you two are an inspiration to all of us in the way you work around both a time limit and a location.


    • Oh thank you Hypatia for taking the time to leave your comment on my blog too. Yes, the restrictions were very restricting for this contest, and although we made one, I think all of us could have made something better with more time. I am still not clear what they were thinking with the 60 to 90sec max, but rules are rules. I am sorry you didn’t make one, as your machinimas are always brilliant and unique..I know your entry would have been too. Big hugs and thanks for stopping by:)


  5. Menubar says:

    That was pretty scary – and I don’t scare easily.


  6. Maria Vought says:

    Ooohh gosh, this is a scary film! The atmosphere Nat has created in the film fits perfectly with your voice Karima and the two combined add up to a little slice of nightmare hell that stays in the mind well after the end. You’ve created another masterpiece!


  7. …and you sis,( the original “girl behind the couch watching DR Who) thank you for your words and of course your continual support of our video projects.You are such a good audience too *smiles and we hope to keep entertaining you with many themes and styles.. Hugs sis!


  8. Yesikita Coppola says:

    What a Nightmare… Bravo!!!!
    Super creepy indeed.
    Very well done.
    Natascha and Karima, you are fabulous!


  9. Yes I think from both sides, parent’s and the child’s, separation is the worst nightmare we can think of.. Thank you Yesikita for your comments both here and on Nat’s YouTube.. We really appreciate your feedback:)


  10. RoseDrop Rust says:

    Karima, your range continues to amaze and uplift me. This is scary in a political way, the finish on it superb, and part of the primal terror of it is it’s timelessness.


  11. Thank you so much RoseDrop for stopping in:) I think Natascha has once again chosen the perfect look for the storyline and my soundtrack. The build itself was scary but I think Nat made it even more so…nothing more horrible than separation…the ultimate nightmare!


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