Karima Joins SL Music Races for a Cure-Art Faire and Auction Benefitting RFL in SL- Sat. April 6th 12pm slt


The Conservatory for The Art Faire at Ce Soir Arts

Just a note in a symphony, a poet in solidarity, I will perform as part of the most amazing Relay for Life SL Team ever, “SL Music Races for A Cure” headed and directed by our hard working, music lover and supporter and baton-tapping Director, Still Braveheart. Still has worked night and day for months organizing all her artistically inclined volunteers, for the sole purpose of raising funds for RFL in SL. I am honored that I could join this illustrious group of performers and give an hour to the cause, that as many know, is very dear and near to my heart, see “My Gliding Beauty 1971-2012”
Mireille and Aeon Jenevive Woodward, owners of Ce Soir Arts, one of my very favorite venues where I perform, have created a beautiful location where live musicians and poets will be performing, at their Conservatory while a wonderful Silent Art Auction is going on. Thank you Mireille and Aeon for your hard work and dedication to this team.

A special venue for the occasion at Ce Soir Arts

A special venue for the occasion at Ce Soir Arts

I will perform this Saturday, April 6th, at 12 noon and I cordially invite you all to come, and give generously to this worthy cause. All of us have been touched by the heartbreak of cancer in some way or another…Let’s Cure it!!
There will be a Silent Art Auction you can bid on, and Russel Eponym, one of the best loved and popular poets will perform after me at 1:30pm. All proceeds, tips and donations will go to RFL.
I hope to see you all there this Saturday at 12 noon slt.
Here is your swift car to drop you off at the door: Art Faire for RFL Ce Soir Arts

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4 Responses to Karima Joins SL Music Races for a Cure-Art Faire and Auction Benefitting RFL in SL- Sat. April 6th 12pm slt

  1. Karima, that is so very nice of you…thank you sooo much. All the organizing in the world does no good without such a wonderful team of people to work with. This music community of ours is so very amazing and inspiring with some of the largest hearts I have seen in any world. It is an honor to be a part of this team. Hugs Still


    • Oh Still thank you so much for leaving your comment and I look forward eagerly for tomorrow, and I totally agree with you about the SL Music community..It is amazing and we are all so blessed to be able to enjoy and luxuriate in SL Live music performances. I feel the very same, a great honor to add my drop for this team in support of RFL SL


  2. Thank you, Karima, not only for sharing the information about this event but also for sharing your commitment to it and to all things good.
    We are having a glorious time with the SL Music Races for a Cure Art Faire & Auction benefiting RFL of SL at The Conservatory at Ce Soir Arts. It is a deep joy to share such art – and music and poetry – with those who gather to express their kindness by donating what they can to RFL of SL and this important cause.
    We so look forward to hearing your poetry this Saturday and we thank you for your generosity of spirit. Still is right. SL Music is a great team. It is our pleasure to host this event. Thank you!


  3. Oh where to begin..summing it all up.Mireille thank you for being you. I see with what love you and Aeon have opened your hearts to this event, and I know that it will bring great benefits for such an important cause. So many wonderful artists who have donated to the auction, musicians, poets, and you have brought them all together under your loving and giving umbrella. It is an honor always to read there for you, but tomorrow it is even a more special one for me personally.. Big hugs and so happy to be part of The Art Faire on Ce Soir Arts..


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