Sunset On Mars

By Sharp on Korg Forums

Photo by Sharp on Korg Forums

Sunset On Mars

On a different world we would have never met,
Your slinky lizard ways, along the alien dunes.
You would have not been seen, through my smart telescope,
No catch ‘n bag ’em posse riding hard upon your tail.

Down by the dust-sea coves, you would have lived so free
You could have multiplied, in your cold -blooded bliss
And the moonless nights would be your hunting grounds
And from the rocks, the silly prey would fall right to your feet.

Not like on, this blue ball, where the poles are still so cold
Where we make our fires, and faces glow and hunger.
And we have grown too bold, to curb our little fantasies,
So a specimen like you, might wind up on our sticks.

Oh how that fire burns bright, hot like the sun that’s going down,
And we decide to eat you, ’cause you are not one of us.
We watch that fulvous sphere, bed down into the ocean,
No sunset on Mars…here you’re just enough to go around.

Karima Hoisan
June 13, 2013
New Toulouse SL

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12 Responses to Sunset On Mars

  1. Don’t ask…. 🙂 Oh well if you just have to…. We lived very remote (like tropical mountain people) in Costa Rica and iguana was fair game at the time (It has since been declared a protected species.) Tougher than range-grown chickens crossed with shoe leather, the meat (unfortunately for them) is more delicious than chicken if prepared correctly. Remembering those sunset bonfires roasting iguana made me ponder their fate, and maybe a better one, if, say, they were born on Mars. I blame it on my muse..who maybe was just hungry.


  2. Dale Innis says:

    Wonderful imagery! I would never have made that connection… 🙂


  3. Thank you Dale! I am now inspired to take out my first see what people might make of this tale…without hints..and I just did:) but now Shesa….made me put it back..You better comment Shesa..Come clean and cast not the first stone:)


  4. Spiral Silverstar says:

    Sadly, that is probably true…..eating aliens that is. Great imagery as always, Karima.


  5. Thanks Spiral for stopping over..and being brave enough (smiles) to even comment:) Glad you could see the mind’s eye.


  6. Shesa Quandry says:

    LOL! YUM! Tastes better than chicken, huh? I’ll surely have to take your word for that! You see, I lead such a sheltered life. I’ve never ever eaten a reptile before… … … … … … ok Ok OK! There was this one time… I was at a fair, and had a piece of “something”. With encouragement like, “go ahead! It tastes like chicken!”, I distinctly recall, as the big lump passed by my taste buds, that it did NOT taste like chicken at all! Even less so, when I was told it really was a piece of snake. ;o) I must admit that I did not contemplate the snake, or Mars, or anything so romantic as Karima… although, fingers clamping my nose tightly, eyes watering… I may have seen a few stars ;o)


  7. Hahaha Oh Shesa you made me laugh soooo hard, you little snake-eater you:) Even if you didn’t enjoy it.. sorry it still counts and you are part of the reptilian gourmets… whether you like it or not:)
    I can picture your eating style too, so well described,” …fingers clamping my nose tightly, eyes” watering…” You have made my day with this, pardon a sort of pun, feedback:):)


  8. Dan Linn says:

    More exotic allure. Your alien landscape seeps into your skin, and under mine. I’d eat bugs, while reading you.
    Your Blues Salamander


  9. Come slither onto my set..oh lizardy one:) Big smiles for my gifted poetic reptile


  10. Karima, absolutely fantastic stirring thoughts and imagery- masterfully penned!

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