90% Transparent

90% Transparent

90% Transparent

I am only 90% transparent..so I leave a hazy shadow on the wall.
hen I fly across state borders or the ocean, I am just an almost- seen.

This is how I travel, deep inside your laptop, passing checkpoints, X-ray scanners,
not invisible but not quite visible is how I appear to the commonality.
The average eye easily passes me by, yet you can always see me.

I am a ricochet from my brain, traveling like a speeding bullet hour- per -hour.
Shot from the Id, that gun of passion, I never try to make attempts to explain,
how pure essence steals a ride aboard condensed intelligence.
I have been compressed to just 90%, so sometimes my edges give me away.

I am but a shine upon the nightstand, a glow, that hovers dimming, flutters,
mischievously I do reconnaissance from door to floor, then hang upon a picture frame.
I am smoke but I am touch, a tactile ghost who stays alive, breathing in your curiosity.
I seem to travel with you everywhere, turn off the lights on a Friday night and whisper,
“Are you there!”

I am just a voice, a see -through pane, perfecting my magic, innuendos and whispers.
The air quivers as I travel past; only a few would feel the subtle interactive 10% of me.
I might be not quite real, a consciousness arriving, presently watching from the attic.
Then when the room settles from the day; I’m in my lodging.
If you’d just lift the top, I could give you a kiss goodnight.

Karima Hoisan
July 21, 2013
LINC Island SL

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8 Responses to 90% Transparent

  1. daleinnis says:

    So very SL. 🙂 And yet so very everyone else, also…


  2. Smiling, you are right Dale it is very SL but I think anyone a bit digitally connected can relate..It’s a phenomena of our emerging new world….Thank you for dropping by to comment!


  3. Luna Branwen says:

    What a wonderful poem, Captivating One. The first two stanzas pulled me in with wonder… thinking first it was simply statements of reality and travel and real time, until I got to the travel inside the laptop part..then the virtual took over.. and mingled the mystery of what it is to exist at all for me. Love it~


    • Smiling so big Luna…Yes, it’s about us all:) I was hoping people wouldn’t have to read it twice to figure out “what was going on” You caught it quickly, which makes me happy:) In the end how wonderful we can even exist at all! I so enjoyed this comment:) Thank you my talented fellow-poetic-traveler


  4. Spiral Silverstar says:

    My favorite line, “I am smoke but I am touch, a tactile ghost who stays alive, breathing in your curiosity.” Wonderful piece, Karima!


  5. Hey Spiral…thanks for your comment:) Yes I really saw all I described here..sort of a how-I-do it…when I bust through the screen:) So glad you let me know you enjoyed it. I was hoping it would be “very relatable” for those from our alternative reality:) as well as just reality.


  6. Many of us picture ourselves ephemeral despite being impactful as meteors. You are a comet.


  7. You..have a way with words..and never fail to surprise…and inspire…Poet:)


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